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Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris describes herself as an Entrepreneur/Author. She writes about people, places, and things pertaining to "Alien Civilizations Exist!" She is a believer and supporter of the future and the accepts that other solar systems and ascended beings exist! She believes that we are not alone in this universe and that we are being visited by other beings more sophisticated than ourselves. She would be glad to speak on the subject and why she believes so strongly. You can read her articles and books. Visit her websites: and Email Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris.

UFOs and Men In Black
by Theresa J. Thurmond Morris 

Posted: 12:45 December 5, 2009

The Secret Journals of a Contactee

Digging deeper for the truth. Experiences with UFOs and Men in Black are being documented by various beings in many ways including stories on the Internet.

UFOs and Extraterrestrials who command them are well kept secrets on earth. Who says they have to be?

Inquiring minds want to know. I have had various experiences but I didnít want to go out on a limb and write about the splintered experiences in my life knowing that to most they are considered paranormal.

The only way I can consider having anyone believe what my experiences have been first hand is to have another being experience what I have. How this is accomplished depends on our future together.

The intelligent beings that drive these UFOs are from a group above of various civilizations who have come together to form an alliance. This alliance is for the benefit of all intelligent being civilizations in our quadrant in space.

This is something that assist them in protecting their space and galaxy because if these warring beings from other places in the universe ever find our area they know that they will not stop with our galaxy and theirs will be next. Makes sense to protect the quadrant and watch for the aggressive warring types that are far more advanced and can take over our world. Not a pleasant way to live under constant threat but we have lived that way most of our lives as a species in training.

Sounds odd but, we are trained to accept war mentally and physically on this planet among our own kind. We war among ourselves for reasons that are in our ancient past. We pass down our reasons to war over land, oil, greed or whatever we allow ourselves to feud over. There may be more reasons than we as the general mass populace consider. This has a suspicious way of making us wonder why we have caused wars among ourselves for thousands of years and still call ourselves humane and God fearing people.

Extraterrestrials are real and come and go which is no longer a secret.

It may take another generation or twenty years for this to sink in to the general mass populace as a common way to accept life while living on earth.

What makes me suspect why extraterrestrials do not interfere with our common daily lives is the fact that we are allowed to see the spacecraft and know that we have some on earth that have crashed.

This also has had me perplexed as to how so many of us who have had contact with other beings who drive these UFOs are chosen. Why do we seem to have life changing experiences and yet we are afraid to share these things that have happened to us. I believe the fear is from being ridiculed because of the general populace or critical mass way of thinking in the world in our past was not accepting of those who said they were visited during the night time.

One thing I can tell everyone that I know for sure is that these intelligent beings generally visited or came at night. After the sun was down and people were thought to be indoors. At least the majority are and the travel in these UFOS after dark is less likely to arouse suspicion and cause disruption.

Now, I do not like to give into conjecture scientifically speaking because of my past dealing with criminal justice training and forensics used in a court of law. I believe that my experiences with these UFOS, Ets, and Men In Black are for a reason and that the government always was hanging around me because they knew somehow of the arrangement and friends that I made.

After seeing the movie MATRIX with Keeanu Reeves, I see that the writers of the movie script were intrigued with the Men In Black.

If anyone that is over the age of fifty and have worked around the government and military they know that when we were told to not talk about a particular subject that we were convinced not to discuss certain information that we may have been privileged to experience.

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