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UFODigest Newsletter December 3, 2008
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Myths and legends of the Hollow Earth
This week Tim Swartz offers a new look at the Hollow Earth. Piotr Cielebiaś reports on Round objects over Belchatow power plant in Poland. Then Dennis G. Balthaser takes another look at the pyramids. Brad Steiger reports on prehistoric nuclear war! Next, Ed Komarek writes about extraterrestrial realities. Alexandra Holzer revisits her first haunting. Then, Theresa J. Thurmond Morris beleives in alien telepathy when writing for UFO Digest! Enjoy Dirk. For more new articles click here.
Myths and legends of the Hollow Earth by Tim Swartz
As theories go, the idea that the Earth is hollow does not garner a lot of respect. For most people, the hollow Earth is probably a close second to the "Earth is flat" theory on that big list of "crackpot" ideas. Nevertheless, as long as there have been people able to sit around a campfire, tales of a mysterious inner world have been part of mankind's heritage. Read Article See art above.

Round objects over Belchatow Power Plant by Piotr Cielebiaś
On 14th day of August 2007 a witness from Czestochowa was able to observe two round whitish objects that were constantly appearing and reappearing over a power plant in Belchatow - Europe's largest thermal power plant located in Central Poland. Read Article

Another Look at the Pyramids of Giza by Dennis G. Balthaser
For the past six years I have thoroughly enjoyed my association with the Great Pyramids of Giza Research Association Advisory board, www.gizapyramid.com following the research of such well known researchers as Stephen Mehler, Joe Parr, Chris Dunn and others under the Directorship of John DeSalvo, PhD. Read Article

Numerous evidence of Pre-Historic Nuclear War exists: Columns of Smoke Rose as if from a Mighty Furnace by Brad Steiger
My previous article in The Canadian , in which I reflected upon my book Worlds Before Our Own, provoked dozens of inquiries from readers. LINK Some stated that one of the cable channels -- some thought it was the History Channel; others, Discovery; still others, National Geographic -- had presented “proof” that the “fused green glass” to be found in various areas had been created by meteoric air blasts rather than prehistoric nuclear wars. Read Article

Beyond Dog Eat Dog by Ed Komarek
Thinking about extraterrestrial realities gives me added perspective on earth human evolution. I often find myself making comparisons between ethically advanced stellar civilizations and our own disorganized mutually predatory autocratic civilization. Read Article

The Re-Visit of The Case of Mrs. T and Her Haunting - PART II by Alexandra Holzer
Few people today even know his name, although they know the classic horror films that he produced in the 1930s. Fewer still know that the producer of Karloff's “Frankenstein “ and Legosi's “Dracula” beat Walt Disney to the bottom of the sea by nearly 40 years in 1916. The producer's name was Carl Laemmle. Read Article

Alien Telepathy by Theresa J. Thurmond Morris
Alien telepathy is the best way I can describe what I know to be the truth. We all have an ability to know some things before they will happen. We all have an inner knowing, what some people term as intuition. I am one who believes in alien telepathy for several reasons and these are only a few and the tip of the ice berg. Read Article

by Brian Zaikowski

See More ufo and Paranormal Cartoons
by John Egerton and Brian Zaikowski

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Atlantis Rising:
Atlantis Rising is a landmark book in the study of lost civilizations and alien contact. It was the very first work to suggest that ancient peoples were visited by extraterrestrial beings in spacecraft who helped shape an antediluvian global culture. --William H. Kennedy, author of The Da Vinci Code Cabal Click here.

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