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UfoDigest Newsletter January 4, 2007
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What is Going On in the Solar System and is Welcome to 2007. We begin with our exclusive report on Planet X by Luca Scantamburlo. Then author Stephen Yulish PhD gives us exclusively - 'Behold Azazel-The Extraterrestrial'. Next, Sam Willey writes about The High Bentham Incident. Then Carlosox writes about Spiritual Masters and UFOs and a History and a Mystery Carved in Stone. Ever wonder how Donald Trump got his money? Finally, we present Omens for the New Year. Enjoy Dirk.
What is Going On in the Solar System and is "Planet X" Approaching?
In recent years an Italian freelance, Cristoforo Barbato (Naples, 1972), received from an eyewitness some reliable information about the return of Planet X and the activity of a presumed intelligence agency composed of Jesuit priests, whose code name would be S.I.V., "Servizio Informazioni del Vaticano," which in Italian means "Vatican Intelligence Service." Barbato's contact is a man who introduced himself as a Vatican insider working for the Holy See as a Jesuit. Find out more. See illustration above.

Behold Azazel-The Extraterrestrial
This horrifying specter became the inspiration for the main character of Azazel in both of my novels, The Great Harpazo Deception and Invasion: Israel, but I have never before explained how I obtained this image of what I now believe to be an extraterrestrial, fallen, demonic angel. Read more.

The High Bentham Incident
On Sunday the 16th of January 2005 at around 5pm, four members of the Deverow family were eating at the Little Chef restaurant on the A65 road near Ingleton, North Yorkshire. They had enjoyed a family day out and would be making the journey back home to their moorland farmhouse a couple of miles south of High Bentham on the boarder between Lancashire and North Yorkshire. Read Story.

Spiritual Masters and UFOs
Many readers will wonder what great spiritual masters had to say regarding UFOs. Did Christ, Buddha or Mohammad mention anything about this phenomenon? We find nothing mentioned about this in the Bible, Koran or Diamond Sutra. Story continues.

The Power behind Donald Trump’s Money
Donald Trump is a powerful man in the United States and around the world. Millions of people watch his hit television show, “The Apprentice” weekly. He is worth many billions of dollars and is considered to be a top real estate investor worldwide. Read More.

The Omens for the New Year
The capital of India, New Delhi, saw the mass wedding of 30,000 couples assembled together to marry on one of the most astrologically auspicious days of the year on December 13 2006. Read More.

A History and a Mystery Carved in Stone
As I've mentioned before, the last plantation I worked in Malaysia before migrating to Australia. In my very first boundary patrol however, I was shocked to notice a strange rock formation at the back of the plantation. Read More.

What Are 'They' Hiding?
At long last, Project P.R.O.V.E. has produced movies of our findings in manned spaceflight! It contains segments on NASA anomalies from 1999-2000. Only $24.95! includes FREE SHIPPING until December 31, 2006.

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