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UFODigest Newsletter January 15, 2009
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President Dubya was awakened one night by an urgent call from the Pentagon. "Mr. President," said the four-star general, barely able to contain himself, "there's good news and bad news." More.
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Alien Abductions Stopped By the Name of Jesus Christ by Stephen
I asked Stephen Yulish to follow up on a rumor I heard that by saying "Jesus" out loud you could stop an alien abduction. Read what he discovered. Micheal Salla writes about diplomatic training for ET contact. Then, Steve Hammons writes about a wind farm turbine that was damaged by a UFO! Next, Chris Holly interviews a vampire on the Internet. Ana Luisa Cid asks if Mexico is on the verge of another UFO flap. Then, Steve Bass writes about incredible news on one may hear! Bobby Morrison explains how aliens are training us. Michael Gintowt explains exopsychology and our reactions to ET life! Finally Seal Casteel reviews a book about the great flood and other myths. Thanks Dirk

Alien Abductions Stopped By the Name of Jesus Christ by Stephen Yulish PhD.
Dirk Vander Ploeg, the Publisher of UFO Digest, recently asked me if I knew of alien abductions having been stopped by the utterance of the name of Jesus. He told me that “apparently this information is being withheld by Mufon and other reporters, investigators etc.” I reminded him that I had written about the possibility of such occurrences in several articles including, Extraterrestrials Tremble at the Name of Jesus... More...

Interview with a Vampire! by Chris Holly.
With all the new shows out concerning Vampires I thought it might be interesting to find someone who claimed to actually be a Vampire! I knew there were sites and even chat rooms on the Internet with those who live the life style of the Vampire. I decided to try to find a real life Vampire to interview and write about. More... Also read: The Alien Giving Rides to Chatters! More... Also read: Update on the Deserted Kings Park Mental Hospital Location More...

UFO over UK wind farm sparks theories by Steve Hammons.
Questions are increasing about damage to a wind turbine in the UK on Jan. 4, 2009, that reportedly occurred at the same time witnesses reported a large glowing orange unidentified flying object (UFO) nearby. International mainstream media are now reporting on the unusual case. More.... .

Diplomatic training for extraterrestrial contact is more than Science Fiction by Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.
Many readers sent in their predictions for the New Year. I read them and found that you all came to three main conclusions on three major subjects. 97% of you predicted that the main event to occur in the year 2009 would be a Middle East War breaking out midyear that would control the time and attention of the entire world. More...

Mexico: On the Verge of a New Saucer Flap? by Ana Luisa Cid.
Over the past month, from December 2008 to January 2009, there has been an increase in UFO sighting throughout Mexico. Daniel Sanchez Rosales has been a witness to this activity. He recorded several of these objects over the Moctezuma District, a neighborhood adjacent to Mexico City International Airport (MCIA). More...

Incredible News No One May Hear by Steve Bass.
The most incredible news in Ufology would be confirmation that Unidentified Aerial Phenomena seen and reported by thousands annually in America and across the world is in fact craft piloted by extraterrestrial entities. A landing on the White House lawn would go a long way, but don't expect that to happen. Why would an alien intelligence wanting to make themselves known to the inhabitants of Earth pick any one nation to make contact with when the goal would presumably be to establish a relationship with the entire world? More...

Theory and Observations About The Training Aliens Put Humans Through by Bobby Morrison.
After many months and much thought given the subject of abductees' and the 'training' given by the alien abductors who take us on our nightly adventures, I have a different take on this subject. It appears most if not all abductees report training sessions by the aliens. I can vividly recall, in detail one training session I was involved in several months ago which I will examine later in this document. More...

Study reveals surprisingly high tolerance for racism: implications for exopsychology by Michael Gintowt.
One stated goal of exopsychology is to build upon existing research in psychology, to inform and understand potential reactions to eventual, possible, probable or inevitable contact (take your pick) with Extraterrestrial Life. Racism studies in particular may provide us with data to support or refute various hypotheses. More...

The Great Flood and Other Myths and Legends of the Old Testament Reviewed by Sean Casteel.
Most readers of the "UFO Digest" website already have an interest in ancient history as it has been redefined by scholars like Erich Von Daniken and Zechariah Sitchin and have come to look differently at the scriptures than the mainstream religious community would have us do. More...

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Winner New York Independent Film Festival

A decade after an unidentified craft floated through the Phoenix, Arizona sky, eyewitnesses come forward and tell their stories about that fateful day. Former Phoenix Councilwoman, Frances Barwood, tells in detail how she received over seven hundred calls from her constituents, all of whom described seeing the exact same object.

Otherworldly Affaires
by Brad Steiger

Otherworldly Affaires: Haunted Lovers, Phantom Spouses, and Sexual Molesters from the Shadow World

Originally published by Dell back in 1971, then entitled Haunted Lovers, this book is a thought-provoking case by case review of innumerable documented instances wherein departed loved ones have reportedly violated the conventional laws of time and space and reappeared to lovers and loved ones. Read Review

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