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UfoDigest Newsletter January 18, 2007
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Stanton T. Friedman Interview This week K. M. Thompson submits her story exclusively to UFODigest - The Dream Stealers. Joe Kovac, through special arrangement, allows us to publish his exclusive article about a Air Force colonel's sightings of a UFO. Then Stephen Piperno writes about Coma Versus Death. Next we have an article a lost land at the North Pole. How about finding buried treasure in Malaysia or learning the secrets of thieves that use black magic? Enjoy Dirk.
The Dream Stealers
Throughout the fifty-seven years of my life, I have had innumerable metaphysical, extraterrestrial and terrestrial experiences. Four years ago, I put together a book of verse that describes my journey. Although I put the book together myself - literally writing it, printing the pages, gluing the spine, designing the front and back covers, and copyrighting it, I did not formally publish it other than displaying excerpts of it on my website. I gifted several friends with copies, but that's all as far as it went. Find out more. See illustration above.

Air Force colonel reports lights 'not of this world'
In the wake of reports of unidentified objects flying over Chicago's O'Hare Airport, a retired Air Force pilot has his own mystery with a rash of bright, colorful lights he photographed hovering in skies over western Arkansas last week. Read more.

Coma Versus Death
A head injury is often the cause of someone slipping into a coma. It might have been caused by a car accident or a sudden blow to the head. Patients that have awoken after several months and years of being in a coma often tell the living that they did not experience anything out of the ordinary. Read more.

Russian scientist finds Paradise at the North Pole
Doctor of Philosophy Valery Dyemin, a researcher of the Arctic region, maintains that Hyperborea (“beyond the Boreas (north wind)”), a mythical land that the Greeks thought was located beyond Scythia, existed in reality. The legendary French scientist Jean Sylvin Baiae attempted to prove the existence of Hyperborea a few centuries ago. Read Story.

Buried Treasure
This story refers to the same area of the Malaysian plantation as my previous story about history being carved in stone. Some believed that a saint lived in a cave in this area. Others believed that the area was haunted by many ghosts... Story continues.

Crime and the Paranormal- Part I
Even when I was little and growing up in Malaysia, I overheard tales told by older kids about how thieves had burgled such and such a home using black magic. In my childish ignorance I imagined the thieves, sporting fearsome beards and moustaches, striding majestically into homes, and with a wave of their wands putting the occupants of the homes to sleep before robbing them. My father unwittingly strengthened this image all the more, when one day, he told us that a house nearby was robbed after the thieves threw a piece of thick smouldering knotted rope into the house before robbing it. Read More.

How Spacecraft Fly by Stan Deyo - DVD
Stan Deyo, a Spacecraft propulsion engineer who worked under Dr. Edward Teller, explains his expertise on flying discs. Are these discs ours... or theirs? Find out the reality of what's happened. Only $24.95!

Recorded at the 2006 Denver UFO Interactive Conference, July 25, 2006.

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