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UfoDigest Newsletter January 25, 2007
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Stanton T. Friedman Interview This week Piotr Cielebiaś interviews Mrs. Betty Andreasson - Luca and asks her about the South Ashburnham 1967 Incident! Next we have an article of skeptics and then Steve Hammons ins interrogated by government officials regardings UFOs and more. Then Peter Farley submits the article 'Reptilians for Breakfast'. We then have an article on the history of UFOs. Next, we present an article dealing with pilots that witness UFOs. Ever wonder how alien abductees heal themselves? Finally, Carlosox, offers Part II of his article Crime and the Paranormal. Enjoy Dirk.
Interview with Mrs. Betty Andreasson - Luca, on the 40th Anniversary of the South Ashburnham 1967 Incident
Dear Mrs. Betty, it is a honor for us to ask you certain questions about the incredible story of your life on the 40th anniversary of your famous abduction. We would like to learn how you personally regard this famous experience that made your abduction one of the most noteworthy cases in the history of UFOlogy. Find out more. See illustration above.

Skeptics: Let's Not Ignore Them Completely
Not so long ago, a long, alcohol-fuelled, late-evening chinwag with a close friend turned, almost wearily, to UFOs. We’d exhausted politics, sport and even sex so UFOs it had to be. Read more.

Interrogation of journalist, novelist: Interest in UFOs, unusual topics grows
With reports of recent interesting events making news, such as the alleged disc hovering over Chicago's O'Hare International Airport and now a report out of Arkansas from a retired Air Force colonel who saw unusual lights overhead, people are taking notice of our skies. Read more.

Reptilians for Breakfast
The information I was channelling is a little muddy now, something about how two different races of beings can essentially share the same physical space if they are in a different energetic space. I had an image of humanity sharing a bed with another species that is on a different frequency and there being some kind of energetic portal between us. Read Story.

Aerial Phenomena: Understanding The Implications
There are those that claim aerial phenomena originally presented itself at the dawn of recorded history while others argue some point possibly beyond. While there are convincing arguments for that premise if you consider the cave paintings at Lascaux, France, or the primitive petroglyphs (rock paintings) of the Dogon Tribe, in Mali, West Africa, there exists nothing in the way of physical 'hard evidence' (i.e. smoking gun) to corroborate the assumption. It would be a simple matter to encompass both points if only to cover the possibility of their common connection. Story continues.

Alien Abduction: The Need for Healing
Should I see a counselor about this? The appropriate answer is, “Maybe you should.” If your experiences are preventing you from feeling capable and effective, or if remembering them is preventing you from enjoying life, maybe you should. Read More.

Crime and the Paranormal- Part II
At about 2 a.m. one day I was fast asleep with my dog sleeping next to me on the floor. I was suddenly thrown up in bed i.e. my body rose up about a feet while still in the prone position, and then came crashing back onto the bed. Read More.

How Spacecraft Fly by Stan Deyo - DVD
Stan Deyo, a Spacecraft propulsion engineer who worked under Dr. Edward Teller, explains his expertise on flying discs. Are these discs ours... or theirs? Find out the reality of what's happened. Only $24.95!

Recorded at the 2006 Denver UFO Interactive Conference, July 25, 2006.

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