UfoDigest Newsletter January 26, 2006
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Quest for Middle-earth This week we start with the untold story of Marco Polo by Glenn Kimball. Then we have a story about killer eyes! Next we try to discover the riddle of Planet X. Then Larry Bryant tells about his 'Bleak House'. And finally perhaps an Internet first, I am giving you our readers first chance to read my book 'Quest for Middle-earth' absolutely free. Enjoy Dirk.
Quest for Middle-earth
After watching the final segment of The Lord of the Rings, the Return of the King, I was struck by the impression that what I had just witnessed was not a work of fiction, but in reality a look at our antediluvian past. If, as Gandalf indicated, the Dominion of Men (Man) is at hand, what Dominion existed before? Could there have been a time in our ancient past, when Man shared this earth with other intelligent beings, such as: Hobbits, Elves and Dwarves? Story continues. See photo above.

Untold Story of Marco Polo
In recent days the Arts and Entertainment Network has aired a segment on Marco Polo. As always they stumbled over themselves in their attempts to be “accurate” and missed the most interesting story entirely. Good Read!.

People can kill with their eyes
Expert on anomalous phenomena and author of many books about miracles Igor Vinokurov tells a story he learnt from an acquaintance of his, a retired police colonel. The head of one of the key departments in a Moscow research institute suddenly died. The man was known for his trouble-making nature and lack of respect towards colleagues and subordinates. One day, the boss advanced some harsh and insulting remark in the address of a subordinate. Read more.

The Riddle of Planet X
A West scientist and author has made the astonishing prediction that we will soon have the momentous proof that our Sun has another star in orbit around it. Such proof would shake science to its foundations and completely alter our way of looking at the solar system. Read More.

Larry Bryant's 'Bleak House'
Though it wasn't Friday the 13th, it was a day of reckoning -- seven days later, January 20, 2006. On that date, my attorney, Jonathan L. Katz, reached a milestone in U. S. District Court for the District of Columbia: by filing his motion for summary judgment in my First Amendment case of Bryant v. Rumsfeld, et al. Find out more.

The John Tosti StoryAliens The Complete Truth: Aliens among us
is a thought-provoking investigation into the existence of UFOs. This is packed with incredible footage, fascinating interviews and eyewitness accounts taken from around the world. 2-DVD Set Only $14.95.

Crop Circles: Signs of ContactDark Star: The Planet X Evidence: Scientists have speculated about a hidden body orbiting the Sun for a century at least... Click here for story or click on book cover to purchase.

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