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UFODigest Newsletter January 28, 2010
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Humans Not Allowed Proof of UFO and Extraterrestrial Existence
This week we start with Tony Elliott who investigates why we are not allowed proof of UFOs.Then, new contributor Rich Morton, writes about an interview with an ET! Ed Komarek writes about extraterrestrial
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reality. Next, Billy Meier predicted the dangers of an atmospheric collapse. Chris Holly writes about 2012 and the perfect UFO photo. Malcolm J. Brenner outlines seven tips to better UFO photos and videos. Sam Wiley reviews the new movie 'The Road.' Then Steve Bass writes about a nation's stature. We had two submissions: UFO over Alkmaar and a UFO over a Canadian lake. Doc Edwards writes about elves, fairies, leprechauns and Nessie. Finally, Joey Boon contributes another chapter to 'Two Blocks from Slab Town.' Enjoy Dirk.

Humans Not Allowed Proof of UFO and Extraterrestrial Existence by Tony Elliott. The world would be quite a different place in technology and scientific advancements than it is today if it were not for the suppression, concealment and in certain instances outright destruction of inventions, achievements and research of technologies by Governments belonging to NATO, the WARSAW Pact of 36 years and many members of the United Nations. More...

Integration Into Extraterrestrial Reality by Ed Komarek. While the general public remains confused, propagandized and in denial in regards to extraterrestrial reality, it has become obvious to me that the extraterrestrial assimilation and integration process has been growing rapidly the past 60 years. Obviously most of this integration has been going on in secret and out of the public eye without adequate public oversight, transparency and safeguards. More...

Interview With An Extraterrestrial by Rich Morton. Well, first of all, my true form is not comprehensible in this material consciousness. It is not something that the human mind can understand in this dimension. Another reason I am not able to show you my true form in this reality is because I have to stay morphed in this human body to maintain my existence in this dimension. In my natural state I am much different, but I cannot show you that form, for it would be the same dilemma as a person that was wearing a spacesuit could not show you their true form while existing in an outer space condition. More...

The Danger of Atmospheric Collapse by Michael Horn. An oxygen collapse, respectively, an atmospheric collapse, arises as a result of a massive over-impregnation of the atmosphere by the molecule CO2, which enters the atmosphere, as well as the oceans and other bodies of water, as well as the soil of the Earth, and radically alters the climate. An oxygen and atmospheric collapse would be evoked by a massive excess of CO2, which means a bad fate for the entire Earth humanity. It would evoke a threatening catastrophe consisting of the destruction of life itself. More...

UFO in the Ravine: The Omar Gonza Case by Scott Corrales. This young man's case impressed us greatly, not only due to the characteristics of the sighting but the way in which it marked his life. Given that this was a recent event, he still shows signs of the ordeal during the conversation we held at his home, in the company of his parents and some friends. More...

The Era of 2012 by Chris Holly. My fears are for a time on earth that I refer to as the Era of 2012. I believe that we have placed many real facts and real science in a bag with many unknown facts and uncertain fears which has confused the facts with fears and keeping the subject in the world of the paranormal. I do think in this case the mixture of this thinking is a devastating situation as it has given many who are skeptical about things paranormal an easy out concerning the real and proven era we are entering. More... Also read: Will 2010 Be the Year of the Perfect UFO Photo?

Seven Tips to Better UFO Photos and Videos by Malcolm J. Brenner. Recently, another writer on this site was complaining about the poor quality of recent UFO photos. To begin with, qualifications: My first camera, a Ansco Cadet, was made so long ago that you can only get the film from Croatia. I won't say what year that was, but my age and the ASA of Kodachrome were both the same minus 10. More...

The Road - Movie Review by Sam Wiley. The Road is a heart wrenching tale of love and survival. It follows a young boy and his father on a post apocalyptic world, trying to make sense of life when all there is to live for is each other. They walk through the greyness of the world in search of food and other essentials, we so often take for granted. Along the way they encounter others with the same desperation and will to survive. At a time of such destruction there appears to be no clear cut distinction between good and evil. More...

Know Your Enemies...Know Your Friends! by Steve Bass. A nation's stature among nations is dependent upon several factors. Nations spend incredible amounts of funding and man-hours on intelligence, translation of that intelligence to something that can be used to develop dependable strategies, employment of those strategies, and military strength to back the strategies. More...

UFO over Alkmaar? by Gary Walton. A gorgeous cloudless day last summer, what ever it was must have passed right over the house, I caught sight of it when it was almost too small to see, I grabbed my camera and took a snap, I then tried one with the zoom full out but all I caught was a white blur because I was shaking so much, the "Thing" was noiseless as far as I could tell and was heading South West towards Schiphol, Amsterdam Airport at a slower pace than a jet would. More...

Redbear's Photos and Communications With UFO Occupants by Dirk Vander Ploeg. I have be corresponding with a reader who goes by the handle "Redbear". I have posted a sighting report for him "Gleaming Disk Over Northern Ontario Lake". Click on the title for a link to the article. We have kept in touch and Redbear and consistently photographed more UFOs and has come to believe certain things as a result of a communication that he and the objects appear to have developed. More...

Elves, Fairies, Leprechauns And Nessie: The Unseen, Unwritten Part Of Human History by Doc Edwards. While we humans somewhat flatter ourselves and stroke our collective egos by believing that everything that is important to know about human history has already been recorded and told in our history books, the truth is that there is a much bigger, and far more incredible and all-inclusive story of the history of humanity that has gone unwritten, and for the most part... More...

Two Blocks from Slab Town - Ball on the Roof Part One by Joey Boon. The best game I'd ever played (when I was a kid) was a game called "Ball on the Roof"! My brother Kyle and I couldn't play that game, enough. I mean, there just wasn't enough hours in the day to contain ourselves. I realize that when you first hear the name of the game - "Ball on the Roof" - you might think - BORING!!! Well, let me tell one thing!...We had this old Mulberry tree right next to the back porch, and when that tennis ball bounced off the roof and hit those limbs of that old Mulberry tree...it was a scramble (indeed) to try and catch that ball. More...

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Cosmic Secrets Of The Masters Of Wisdom: A Final Solution To World Problems
by William Oribello

Over the years I have had numerous opportunities to write about the late occultist William Oribello. I was always pleasantly surprised to see how much of his esoteric studies had a sound Biblical basis and evinced a positive, loving attitude toward humanity that never veered off into darker notions and potions and spells.

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