UfoDigest Newsletter February 2, 2006
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World War III May Be Fought on the Moon This week we start with a story about returning to the Moon. Then we have a story about Supernatural selection! Next we have a story about robots as pets. Read about how man has taken another step toward Immortality. As promised the next installment of Quest for Middle-earth is now online. I would really appreciate any feedback concerning the book. Enjoy Dirk.
World War III May Be Fought on the Moon
UnknownCountry.com has written before that both the US and China have plans to go to the moon— not for exploration, as the US claims, but to mine the incredibly valuable fuel Helium 3 that's found there. The US won't admit that our true reason for returning to the moon, and China is equivocal about theirs, but Russia is plain spoken about it—they say they're planning a moon trip in order to get the Helium 3. Will there be a future war in space over moon fuel? Story continues. See photo above.

Supernatural Selection
When the philosopher Daniel Dennett was a teenager, he played the backwoods holy man Elijah in his prep school's production of ''Inherit the Wind." ''Bearded, wild-haired, dressed in a tattered burlap smock," Elijah comes down from the hills, on the eve of Bert Cates's trial for teaching evolution, to sell Bibles out of an old vegetable crate. Good Read!.

Quest for Middle-earth - Part 2
The Lord of the Rings is ultimately a tale of quests. Frodo's quest is to return the One Ring to Mount Doom and to destroy the dark lord Sauron. The second quest is a romantic tale of forbidden love. It is the tale of Arwen, daughter of an Elf-Lord, who is forbidden to marry her childhood sweetheart, prince Aragorn. And the third quest involves healing the land of Gondor by returning its rightful king. Read more.

Robotic Pet Can Be Best Friend
In his excellent 1968 novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (the basis of the film "Bladerunner"), science fiction author Philip K. Dick writes about a world with virtually no real, living animals. Robotic animals are "kept" by their owners, and given the same feelings and affection associated with real animals: Read More.

Another Step On The Way To Immortality
Our life would have probably been simpler and more joyful if we had no cold. Indeed, people living in the south are more light-hearted as compared to the austere disposition of northerners. But still cold is useful in a certain way: it makes us more beautiful, healthier and gives us a hope of unveiling the secret of immortality. Find out more.

The John Tosti StoryAliens The Complete Truth: Aliens among us
is a thought-provoking investigation into the existence of UFOs. This is packed with incredible footage, fascinating interviews and eyewitness accounts taken from around the world. 2-DVD Set Only $14.95.

Crop Circles: Signs of ContactDark Star: The Planet X Evidence: Scientists have speculated about a hidden body orbiting the Sun for a century at least... Click here for story or click on book cover to purchase.

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