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UfoDigest Newsletter February 15, 2007
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Is this planet X This week Piotr Cielebiaś contributes a two-part article on triangle UFOs over Warsaw. Then Sam Willey writes more about a large fleet of UFOs over North London. Carlosox sends us a warning from aliens! Steve Hammons contributes an article about the late John E. Mack, M.D. Next, we discover the eating of squeaking aliens and UFOs and high strangeness in Russia. Then, see how the actions of astronaut Lisa Nowak remind of the movie 'The Astronauts Wife'. Finally, Dennis G. Balthaser, complains about documentaries and the media Enjoy Dirk.
Flotilla of Triangle UFOs Seen Over Warsaw
"I used to travel a lot. I have never encountered such a thing before despite of falling stars. Even pyramids seemed to be only monuments of history for me" - said Mrs. Jolanta Z. [53] from Warsawian district of Sluzec. "I used to stay away from such subjects. I was better accustomed with economy. And suddenly something like it happened to me but to be honest - I'm not able to comprehend anything from it. The thing I saw was taken from the world of fantasy." Find out more. See photo above.

Updates on the North London Lights
Last week I reported on the recent sighting of a large fleet of objects seen over North London in response to that article I received a few comments from a reader who was a witness to the event. The witness was responding to my theory that the objects could have just been balloons since many balloon releases have caused UFO events in the past he began by explained what he saw that night. Read more.

A Warning By Aliens
I stayed in Perth, Australia for a short time in the early 90s. Life was pleasant in Perth. I made friends quickly, and weekends were something to look forward to,when several of us would meet and have a BBQ or just sit around and chat for hours over ice cold beers. It was during one of these sessions that the subject turned to UFOs. Read more.

With knowledge of Iraq, terrorism and ET abductions, John Mack, M.D., speaks to us now
John E. Mack, M.D., was a Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Harvard Medical School professor, psychiatrist and contributed to the understanding of the Iraq region, terrorism and unconventional UFO-related phenomena. Read more.

Squeaking Alien Eaten: UFOs and High Strangeness in Rostov, Russia
According to the account in Pravda, fisherman in Rostov, Russia, caught a strange “shark-looking” creature. Images of the weird creature were taken with a cell phone. Then they ate it. Read Story.

Astronaut's Strange Behaviour Reminiscent of The Astronauts Wife'
Is it possible that Lisa Nowak was changed somehow by her trip into space as in the above movie? She suddenly split up with her husband and was involved in a love triangle with a space shuttle pilot Navy Cmdr. William Oefelein and a younger woman. Story continues.

Biased Documentaries by the Media
Over the years I have enjoyed having the opportunity to share my UFO research with the public through various venues, such as being involved with many film documentary productions, various TV and radio interviews, writing editorials and doing lectures. Story continues.

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