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UfoDigest Newsletter February 22, 2007
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Is this planet X This week Brooks A. Agnew is leading an expedition to find the hollow earth! Next, Peter Farley gives us a primer on alien reptilians! Then, we have an article about real time-travel. Something fell in Latvia, the question is what was it? Another UFO has been photographed over Lake Erie. Ever heard of the ghosts at Charleville Forest Castle? Is the Anti-Christ already here and in Iran? Finally, Regan Lee tells us why she is afraid of horses! Enjoy Dirk.
The Hollow Earth Explorer has a New Champion
Brooks A. Agnew, PhD has been elected to lead the North Pole Inner Earth Expedition (NPIEE). He is a scientist and an engineer with more than 20 years of experience as a launch manager. The religious and scientific idea that the Earth is hollow has been around for more than 600 years, carved into the celing of places like Rosslyn Chapel and reaching serious notoriety with the likes of Edmond Halley in 1692. Find out more. See photo above.

Reptilians 101
Jim Jones, the charismatic leader responsible for the Jonestown, Guyana, massacre, was closely connected to the CIA throughout his life and was a 'test strip' for some of the implant and mind-control techniques created or imported into the central R & D facility under Colorado's San Luis valley. Read more.

When Time Travel Becomes Possible
Americans have always been fascinated with the idea of traveling through time and such fascination has some moral justification. Who wouldn't want to have avert the Viet Nam War or the assassination of President Kennedy? Read more.

LATVIA: Falling of Celestial Object and Alleged ufo Sightings in Karki
An unknown celestial object fell to the pond in Karki [Karkyu] village on 4th February 2007 at about 10 pm. Despite low temperatures the hole allegedly remained unfrozen for two subsequent days. Read more.

Unknown Objects Continue To Be Seen Over Lake Erie
Received this sighting from Todd Martin who managed to catch this photograph of an unknown object on February 16, 2007. Todd was out taking a series of photographs of the skies over Lake Erie. He said, "Something told him to go out to the lake and take pictures". Read Story.

The Tale of the Charleville Forest Castle
In Ireland, there is a ghostly tale regarding a castle located within the country. Built between 1798 and 1812, the castle served as the home to the Charleville family (hence the name, the Charleville Forest Castle). Story continues.

Iran, Israel and Armilus-the Antichrist
Much has been written of late concerning the Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's claim that he had a mystical vision of the return of the 12th Islamic Imam, a child who disappeared in the year 941, who will be the Mahdi, the Islamic Messiah. Story continues.

Horses and Aliens
Iím afraid of horses. Donít want to be, just am. I like horses, they are beautiful animals. I just donít know anything about horses, and, Iíve had two scary experiences with horses years and years ago. Story continues.

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The Keepers: An Alien Message for the Human Race
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