UFO Digest Newsletter February 23, 2005

This week we are sending out a special newsletter as a reminder of what may prove to be one of the most important investigative television programs ever produced. Peter Jennings is one of the most recognizable and trusted broadcast journalists today. He has established a reputation of personal integrity in regards to the production of his own investigative specials which are produced by his own company. His production "The UFO Phenomenon -- Seeing Is Believing" airs February 24, 2005 at 8pm EST. Have you read the Da Vinci Code? A mock trial is being held to detemine if its assertions are true. Despite growing evidence NASA is still stuborningly refusing to admit that there is or was life on Mars. Bigfoot has been sighted in Virginia and 46-year-old William Drangin is determined to track it down. Enjoy.

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Jennings Explores ABCs of UFOs
February 24, 2005

Flying saucers and strange beings who have visited Earth aren't the typical topics reported by Peter Jennings, anchor of ABC's "World News Tonight." Jennings, whose new two-hour special tackles the subject of UFOs, admits he and his production team began the project with doubts and a dose of curiosity. "We have a lot of skeptics -- I am very skeptical -- but we seriously investigated something a lot of people are serious about," he said. "And when we come to the end, this is wonderfully interesting.

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Da Vinci Code put 'on trial'

ABC News: The UFO Phenomenon -- Seeing Is Believing

Art experts and historians are staging what has been described as a mock trial to examine the claims made in hit novel The Da Vinci Code.

The "trial" is being held in Vinci, Italy, and an opening statement was made by Alessandro Vezzosi, (photo above) director of a Leonardo Da Vinci museum, on Friday.

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UFOs: The Best Evidence 3-DVD set

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NASA rejects life on Mars

WASHINGTON - NASA on Friday issued an unusual denial of a report that its researchers saw strong evidence for life's existence on present-day Mars, based in part on atmospheric methane readings. Other scientists involved in Mars research said the jury was still out on the meaning of Martian methane, but they agreed that the preliminary findings were well worth a follow-up.

Earlier this week, sources told the weekly Space News that Carol Stoker and Larry Lemke, astrobiologists at NASA's Ames Research Center, had submitted a paper to the journal Nature outlining the evidence for biological activity on the Red Planet. Read more.

Bigfoot in Virginia

MANASSAS Those who know 46-year-old William Dranginis say hes a levelheaded guy. He has a sharp mind, an easy smile, an attractive family, a nice home and a trustworthy job designing surveillance equipment for the government.

But, 10 years ago, Dranginis says he crossed paths with something in the deep, dark woods of Culpeper County.

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