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UFO Digest Newsletter February 25, 2010
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The Pine Gap Joint Defence Facility, Australia
This week we turn our spotlight on the Anzus Treaty and Pine Gap. And then Prof. Ana Luisa Cid reports on a UFO in Hidalgo Mexico. Norio Hayakawa states that he
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believes in flying saucers but not in UFOs! Then, Michael Knight answers what Planet X has to do with 2012 and UFOs! Chris Holly is wondering if we are a war with the parnaormal - or is that silly. Steve Hammons considers science journalism and this year's UFO Congress. Next, John W. Milor examines the differences between visions and phsyical manifestations. Finally, Tony Elliott discusses health risks and global warming. Thanks Dirk

UFO Digest Spotlight On The Anzus Treaty: The Pine Gap Joint Defence Facility, Australia by Robert D. Morningstar . As some of our readers may know, this editor communicates daily with a worldwide network of top UFOlogists, contactees, abductees, military/civilian investigators and professional scientists. And often I seem to have a knack for "sparking things up" by bringing up a controversial topic, which elicits further commentary or elucidation from my extended email contacts. Here is an example. More...

A UFO in Hidalgo Mexico? by Prof. Ana Luisa Cid. Several versions of the story have appeared with regard to the event that took place in Hidalgo on February 10, 2010. First, it was a meteorite, then Russian space junk and now, a new channel of investigation presents itself. Multiple reports were received on February 10 regarding the sighting of a fireball crossing the skies over Mexico. Messages and phone calls came mainly from the states of Hidalgo and Puebla; some residents of Mexico City also claim having seen the phenomenon. The initial version that appeared in the media suggested that it was a meteorite. More...

I Believe In Flying Saucers, Not in UFOs! by Norio Hayakawa. When people ask me if I believe in UFOs, I have a difficult time answering that question. The best answer that I can think of, when confronted with such a question is "yes, I believe that sightings of UFOs are reported from time to time". That answer itself, however, is an incorrect answer because it (the fact that sightings of UFOs are reported from time to time) is not a matter of beliefs. It's fact, not fiction. More...

2012, Planet X and UFOs by Michael Knight. What is Planet X. And what does it have to do with 2012? And UFOs? The mainstream (owned and controlled) media seldom mentions these subjects in any meaningful way. In fact, they are often treated in a very derogatory manner by debunkers and skeptics. More...

Are We at War Or Is It All Silly Paranormal Nonsense! by Chris Holly. It has been a hard winter where I live on the coast of Long Island New York. Lots of snow, many cold days followed by ice slick nights. Walking, driving and keeping warm have become daily endeavors requiring time and effort. This winter has been a bear. I grew up in the New York and New England area. I am not a stranger to winter. This winter is different. It is not only the amounts of snow it is very cold, bleak and gray. It is not the typical clean crisp clear winter days I have known all of my life. More...

Science journalism faces media changes, emerging discoveries by Steve Hammons. 'Weird science' and 'weird science journalism' may reconfigure how science is explored, communicated and understood. The field of journalism is going through significant changes as print and broadcast media are transformed by electronic media of various kinds. Science journalism is no exception. Online and e-journalism, including citizen journalism, are changing not only media platforms but also content and focus. More... Also read: UFO Congress convention landed in Laughlin Feb. 21, 2010

Visions and Physical Manifestations by John W. Milor. Before getting into the difference between visions and physical manifestations, I have a rather lengthy introduction to describe one of my primary sources of information for this article. The Bible describes a number of experiences received by holy men of the past, who had divine encounters of various kinds. Some of these encounters were in dreams or trances, while others were during times of full consciousness. The primary difficulties in biblical interpretation of these passages are the vast difference in time, culture, geography, and in linguistics. More...

Global Warming Farce by Tony Elliott. We have heard it all from these researchers such as the dangers of cholesterol, caffeine and alcohol over the past few decades and the virtues of taking aspirin at low doses to prevent heart attacks only to wake up one morning to find that they now find that the before mentioned are bad for us. Of course they have to walk a thin line when telling us any bad news concerning alcohol since its sales support quite a bit of elected officials thus government funding for scientists and other research projects. More...

Walking Between Worlds Belonging to None
This is the story of Jason, my Indigo child…

Thus begins the story of Ann Andrews, a mother living in England with a unique experience to share about her life and her son, Jason. What sets Jason apart from the many other young children who are now being born with exceptional multi-dimensional abilities called “Indigo Children” is that Jason is not only an abductee, but is himself of extraterrestrial origin. Jason explains that “Technically we are all Extraterrestrials, because there is no one amongst you who ‘comes’ from here.”

Up Rainbow Hill
by Dana Howard

Over the years I have had numerous opportunities to write about the late occultist William Oribello. I was always pleasantly surprised to see how much of his esoteric studies had a sound Biblical basis and evinced a positive, loving attitude toward humanity that never veered off into darker notions and potions and spells.

To find out more information or to purchase this book simply click on the title: Up Rainbow Hill

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