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UFODigest Newsletter February 26, 2009
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There was this haunted house on the outskirts of the town which was avoided by all the townfolk - the ghost which `lived' there was feared by all. More.
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Unknown Object Photographed Below Crest of Niagara Falls!
This week we have a report from Jody who sighted a UFO in Los Angeles! Then Robert D. Morningstar presents the UFO Digest Awards for best movies of 2009! Michael Horn shares interviews from Billyl Meier about finances, fuel, food, volcanos and earthquakes. Chris Holly teaches us how to protect ourselves from aliens. Terry Godier writes about Vrykolakas, the bloodless vampire and then Piotr Cielebias sent us an article about 3 objects over Poland. Ellis Taylor describes a most terrible night and then Steve Bass writes about pseudo-skeptical science. David Wisbey concludes his article about Foggy Bottom. Ron Murdock takes a look at after death communication. Steve Hammons wonders about UFO data revealed. Carolyn S. connects the Saint Louis New Orleans Cathedral with the movie Bloodline. Finally, we have an article about Nostradamus the plague doctor! Thanks Dirk

Alleged UFO Sighted Over L.A. by Dirk Vander Ploeg.
Received the following report and sketch from Jody, Friday, February 20, 2009. According to Jody she was driving on the freeway when she spotted what she believes to be a UFO. She followed it for about 7 minutes before it disappeared. She did not have a camera or camera phone with her. She was hoping someone in the L.A. area saw the same object and managed to capture a picture of it. More...

UFO Digest Best UFO Movie of the Year Awards 2009 by Robert D. Morningstar.
UFO Digest Best UFO Movie of the Year Awards 2009. Winner Best Reality-based UFO Feature Film of 2009 - 'Birdís Eye View'. UFO Digest Award Best Science Fiction UFO Feature Film - 'Alien Gray: X Zone'. More...

Finances, Fuel, Food and...Volcanos? by Michael Horn.
The following contact conversation contains information pertaining not only to the ever-expanding financial crisis but also to the true status of the virtually depleted petroleum reserves, the folly of using bio-fuels (such as corn), and the use of food products for the feeding of domestic pets, as they both irresponsibly consume valuable foods that should be made available for human consumption. More... The Next Big San Francisco Earthquake More...

How to Protect Yourself During an Alien Encounter by Chris Holly.
I have talked to many Abductees and lost time people over the past year. I have found common threads that clearly occur in both lost time and abduction cases. When I started to find myself repeating similar factors in the reported encounters of those I interviewed I thought I could sew these similar threads together to form a list of what to do and not do to protect others from becoming the victims of these mysterious encounters with the unknown. More...

Vrykolakas The Bloodless Vampire by Terry Godier.
In the west, we tend to categorize everything. We try to come up with rules and regulations that define what something is, sometimes to desperate lengths and great frustration when something just doesnít fit. More...

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Three spherical objects over Olsztyn (30/01/09) w/Video by B. Zabielski and reported by Piotr Cielebias.
On the 30th of January 2009 around 5 pm. Mr. Marcin K. walked along the crowded pavement of the Pieniezny Street located in the center of Olsztyn (northern Poland). Suddenly he noticed 3 spheres of light in the sky above the building on the opposite side of the street. More...

A most terrible night by Ellis C. Taylor.
This is an extract from my new book, DOGGED DAYS: The strange life and times of a child from eternity. Paranormal experiences with Extraterrestrials, Humans, & Beings from other worlds and dimensions. DOGGED DAYS is my story, a personal account of a life full of Otherworld encounters and strange experiences. This experience occurred during a visit to my friends Ann, Paul and Jason Andrews in the county of Lincolnshire in England. More...

Pseudo-Skeptical Science by Steve Bass, Cert-II.
In January 2009, I had the distinct pleasure to meet one of the greats of Ufology. Kathleen Marden is the niece of Betty Hill, who was involved with her husband Barney, in a highly publicized abduction on September 20, 1961. The factor that makes this unique is that the abductors brought their victims on board a spaceship, the likes of which defied imagination. More...

Return to Foggy Bottom - Part II by David Wisbey.
As I said at the conclusion of Part One, it was not until the summer of 2005 that I reported my sighting again. A lot happened in my life after the sighting and it wasn't on my mind so much, as I was quite preoccupied with a lot of other things - in other words, "life happened". But I never forgot. I don't recall now how I found out about the 2005 Symposium, but I did. I also discovered that the MUFON headquarters was in Littleton. More...

A Look At After Death Communication by by Ron Murdock.
What exactly happens after the moment of death is a question that everyone has asked at one point in their life. Countless groups and individuals have tried to theorize on what does happen, others claim we won't know for sure until we actually experience it firsthand. More...

Can more UFO data be revealed by U.S. Government? by Steve Hammons.
Some people suspect that at least one craft from another planet and/or dimension crashed near Roswell, New Mexico, in the summer of 1947, and that this incident was part of the beginnings of highly-classified U.S. Government research, intelligence and defense-related activities. More...

The Connections between Saint Louis New Orleans Cathedral and movie Bloodline by Carolyn S.
After seeing the movie Bloodlines by Bruce Burgess, Rene Barnett, and Ben Hammott, I remembered that Ben talked about seeing a rose marble slab underneath the embalmed corpse in the cave which had the Templar cross on it. More...

Nostradamus, Famous Seer and Plague Doctor by English.Pravda.Ru.
The information about the first epidemic of plague dates back to the 6th century. The epidemic broke out in the Eastern Roman Empire under Emperor Justinian's rule. The emperor died of plague himself, and the epidemic became known as Plague of Justinian. More...

by Jason Martell

Sumerian Astronomy Vs. Modern Science See evidence for the biblical flood and other tales in the original Sumerian stone versions. Many ancient artifacts covered!

Pioneers of Space
by George Adamski

Pioneers of Space is about outer space and traveling to other worlds. But the similarities between Pioneers and Flying Saucers Have Landed and Inside the Space Ships seems minimal at best. After all we know - and no one denies - that Adamski was into an form of new age and eastern philosophy. Read Review

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