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UFODigest Newsletter March 5, 2009
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A farmer was milking his cow. He was just starting to get a good rhythm going when a bug flew into the barn and started circling his head. More.
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The Strange Encounters of John Vasquez

This week we have UFOs, ghosts, disappearances and the just strange. Chris Holly writes about John Vasquez. I have spoken to
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John several times and either he has one of the greatest UFOs stories ever told or... Next, Anthony Mele states that UFOs don't exist. Vince White concludes his article about the Dark Fleet and Theresa J. Thurmond Morris writes about paranormal research. John W. Milor is back with his study of Christian UFOlogy. Cristian Negureanu writes about the Pope's star watcher and Bobby Morrison reviews April UFOs. Peter Fotis Kapnistos contributes three articles and one upsets Stephen Yulish. Saturna Brown continues her saga about Slab Town. Ron Murdock profiles ghosthunter Randy Liebeck. B. Bollinger wonders if people can disappear into thin air. Brian Allan reviews Ellis Taylor's Dogged Days! Reader Grant Porter believes we are being deceived and Stephen Yulish refutes Zeitgeist. Thanks Dirk

The Strange Encounters of John Vasquez by Chris Holly.
Many who have written about John Vasquez’s experiences during that time period have connected them to Alien interference with our military troops or experiments by aliens on our troops. John knows that at least 1000 men experienced the same experiences he did at that time. John is one of the very few who seem willing to talk about them or remember them. More...

UFOs Do Not Exist! by Anthony Mele.
Unidentified Flying Objects aka UFOs is the tag used in journalism and American media to describe the phenomenon of objects in the sky that defy conventional technology and dynamics of atmospheric flight. Once an Unidentified Flying Object becomes identified then it is no longer a UFO, it is an IFO aka Identified Flying Object. More...

A Dark Fleet in Black Space - Part IV by Vince R. White.
There was also a small table near the intermediate size craft, with a video showing the saucer making short horizontal hops, over a dry desert scene, then accelerating vertically, out of sight in a couple of seconds. Was this "confabulation" or planned advertising? Most significantly, there was a door opened on one vehicle revealing a robotic arm. Could this ARV have possibly been in space, doing satellite work? More...

UFO and Paranormal Research in Kentucky Peaks by Theresa J. Thurmond Morris.
I just got home from a meeting in Bowling Green where we had an open forum meeting regarding paranormal research. We are people who enjoy exploring the unknown. We were all into what others call the supernatural and some call the metaphysical or other than physical. More...

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Christian UFOlogy by John W. Milor.
While the field of UFOlogy became more defined with the Roswell incident in 1947 and the creation of Project Bluebook which immediately followed, the more specialized field of Christian UFOlogy did not begin to take shape until the late 1990’s. While theologians such as Finis Jennings Dake touched upon the subject of extraterrestrial life spanning the cosmos as early as the late 1940’s, the degree of published material by Christians into the field of UFOlogy was minimal. More...

Pope's star watcher to visit Nasa and talk aliens by Cristian Negureanu.
Life beyond Earth? NASA Astrobiologist Examines Hints from Europa and Titan. Lynn Rothschild is an evolutionary biologist-astrobiologist at NASA's Ames Research Center and a consulting professor at Stanford and Brown Universities where she teaches Astrobiology and Space Exploration. More...

Aliens and Abductions 2008 Year in Review - APRIL by Bobby Morrison.
April 2008 turned out to be yet another abduction month. Did I expect otherwise, I asked myself? No, not really, and why in the world would abductions suddenly stop anyway after more than half a century? More...

New Jerusalem: Mothership's Holding Pattern? by Peter Fotis Kapnistos.
The image of a splendid "city" descending intact from the sky over Old Jerusalem to rescue our faulty civilization entices the watchful realism of at least two insights: a transcendental mystical vision from the subconscious mind or a massive unidentified flying object - over several miles long - known by modern habit as a "mothership." More... Peter Fotis Kapnistos' UFO Apology to Stephen Yulish More... Scientists Discover their Sixth Sense More...

Two Blocks from Slab Town - Walk! Do Not Run! by Saturna Brown.
When Joey and I heard that a soda bottle was worth two cents, was when we went into the bottle business. Joey would jog along side my bike helping to pick up bottles on the side of the road. If they were dirty, we would clean them using the faucet behind Robert's Grocery Store. Once we filled up a brown paper bag I had taken from Mother's pantry, we were ready to cash them in. More...

Adventures Of A Ghosthunter by by Ron Murdock.
By day Randy Liebeck works in the law enforcement business. It is a career that has developed his skills in electronic surveillance, investigative and interviewing techniques. These skills carry over to Liebeck's other or night job, being a ghost hunter or seeker. More...

Do humans just disappear Into thin air? by B. Bollinger.
I remember reading as a kid about Benjamin Bathurst, David Lang and Oliver Larch. All three have strange stories of inexplicable disappearance. There are no accounts of UFOs carrying them off, no portals to other dimensions, and no murderous intrigues. They simply were there one moment, and gone another. I recently revisited these stories with a skeptical eye to see what I could come up with. More...

'Dogged Days' reviewed by Brian Allan.
It is not often that I have reviewed a book which simultaneously provided considerable food for thought and at the same time created no small amount of unease. This work is not only a biography, the account of Ellis's eventful life lived alternately on opposite sides of the world, (Australia, where he was born, and the United Kingdom), but it is also the spiritual quest of a man some might regard as a shaman. More...

The Upcoming Great Deception by Grant Porter.
Watch the movie Zeitgeist, and you'll see how wrong you actually are on your website, we are already living the great deception it has been in place for a very long time, you are being manipulated in everyway, everyday! More...

Zeitgeist: The Spirit of the Age Movie-Refuted by Stephen Yulish PhD.
In his March 1, 2009 article for UFO Digest, The Upcoming Deception, author Grant Porter stated “watch the [attached] movie Zeitgeist and you’ll see how wrong you actually are on your website. You are being manipulated in everyway, everyday!!! Because the powers that be (behind the scenes) don’t want you to know the truth! More...

by Jason Martell

Sumerian Astronomy Vs. Modern Science See evidence for the biblical flood and other tales in the original Sumerian stone versions. Many ancient artifacts covered!

'Dogged Days'
by Ellis Taylor

'Dogged Days' (Paperback)

Throughout his life Ellis has, normally inadvertently, encountered and grappled with many beings and entities that of necessity must fall into one of two distinct categories. Either they are entirely imaginary and owe their existence to an overactive imagination, or they inhabit what Ellis frequently describes as 'The Otherworld'. Read Review

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