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UfoDigest Newsletter March 22, 2007
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Human Mutilations:
The Sum of All Fears This week Piotr Cielebrias reports a rash of sightings in Poland. Then, I finally conclude that the Kinross discovery is a hoax! Next, Sam Willey reports witnessing an UFO on March 15! A new film will delve into MK-Ultra and CIA brainwashing. Lyle Michel writes about real-life levitation. Steve Hammons reports on the former Arizona governor who admits he saw the "Phoenix Lights". Finally, Peter Farley concludes his series on reptilians. Enjoy Dirk.
Polish UFO Sightings On 13th and 14th March 2007
Three separate UFO incidents occurred on 13th and 14th day of March in various parts of Poland. I present here three sightings of NL type that took place in Rzeszów [Podkarpackie, South-Eastern Poland], Sandomierz [Swietokrzyskie, Southern part of Central Poland] and Warsaw [Mazowieckie]. All of these sightings involved nocturnal lights of various types and behavior. Find out more. See illustration above.

Discovery of Downed F-89 Scorpion and Unknown Object is a Hoax!
It's March 2007 and its time to reconsider the Kinross Incident in light of the lack of credible evidence supplied by Adam Jimenez and the Great Lakes Dive Company. By now most of your realize that the Great Lakes Dive Company, through its spokesperson Mr. Jimenez, announced the discovery of a 1953 F-89 Scorpion aircraft and an unknown object laying on the bottom of Lake Superior. Their news release, supposedly reported by the Associated Press, but denied by that news agency, claimed the discovery in 2005! Read more.

Two Orange Lights Sighted over Durham, England - March 15th 2007
As the light began to get closer I then noticed that the craft actually had two orange lights not one as I had initially thought. The craft had no flashing lights of any kind and at this stage I was certain something was not quite right so I quickly went into another room of the house and collected my video camera and binoculars. Read more.

British Psychiatrist's Brainwashing Of Patients To Be Major Feature Film
The world-famous Harley Street psychiatrist conducted the brainwashing experiments for the CIA's top-secret MK-ULTRA programme designed to out do the Russian and Chinese who had apparently mastered the art of brainwashing their prisoners. The research was conducted on patients at St Thomas's Hospital in London and "volunteers" at Porton Down, Britain's secret biological-chemical warfare establishment in Wiltshire. Read more.

Jack's Story of Leviation in New York City
Jack spoke of having witnessed an event at a party he attended in the middle 1970's. He was living in New York City at the time. It was so extraordinary in nature that he wouldn't have expected other's to believe him. He kept what he witnessed private for over thirty years. Read more.

Former Arizona governor says he saw 'Phoenix Lights' UFO
Former Arizona Governor Fife Symington now states that he witnessed the huge "Phoenix Lights" UFO ten years ago, according to a published report by respected investigative journalist Leslie Kean. Story continues.

Reptilians 101 - Part III
There is no better example of how life must be lived and wars must be fought than what we got from American Idol last night (Wednesday). The one girl who did so well said she watched all the past shows and literally ‘did her homework’ on what it took and how best it could be done. Story continues.

According to Occam's Razor DVD
This thrilling, fascinating comp-ilation searches for real evidence of myths, legends, conspiracy theories with amazing photographic footage. Features six great documentary films and includes the bonus feature film, "ufo: Target Earth". Only $14.95!

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