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Thursday 24th March 2005
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This week's video is a preview of the new Phoenix Lights documentary DVD, released on March 13 for the 8th year anniversary. We also have a story about aliens that have taken over a Fort Myers museum and another about scientists studying the Anasazi calender. Lastly, we have a story about a beautiful female Indian Jones archaeologist that has discovered the remains of ancient Egyptian seafaring ships. Happy Easter.

Video of the Week

Strange lights appeared in the sky over the nighttime city. Amber orbs in formation. It was a massive triangular array of lights moving silently but in unison as though they were connected. Many people throughout Phoenix and across the state of Arizona saw themThis week I had the opportunity to speak to Dr. Lynne Kitei, the Phoenix Lights author and documentarian. Putting her medical career on hold, she had devoted the past few years exploring and explaining the phenomenon which has become known as the Phoenix Lights. This personal quest has led her to write the book The Phoenix Lights and to develop and bring to the big screen the Phoenix Lights Documentary. This full length movie has played to sold out audiences in Phoenix, Arizona since March 13, 2005! We have a sneak preview of the Phoenix Lights Documentary DVD. Story continues.

Aliens take over Fort Myers museum

Aliens take over Fort Myers museum

FORT MYERS - The building wasn't designed for spaceships. The graceful stucco structure that houses the Southwest Florida Museum of History was built for another kind of transportation. When it went up in 1923, it was the Fort Myers depot for the Atlantic Coast Line railroad. Since renovation in 1982, it has housed the museum's collection of artifacts from Florida's past: dugout canoes and giant shark jaws, memorabilia from wars and railroads, old photos of families with names that match those on the city's street signs. Story continues.

Scientists Study Anasazi Calender

Scientists Study Anasazi Calender

Don Smith, College of Eastern Utah, San Juan branch: "I think we're becoming more aware that those people were far more familiar with astronomy, science and possibly math than we give them credit for." In a secluded ravine near Blanding, scientists and researchers gather to watch mysterious images forming right before their eyes. But since January, the biggest draw in the place - the biggest draw in its history - pulls visitors to the museum's back corner. The sign at the door says, "Area 51. Warning: Restricted Area. No trespassing beyond this point." Read more.

Remains of ancient Egyptian seafaring ships discovered

Kathryn Bard Associate Professor of Archaeology

The first remains of ancient Egyptian seagoing ships ever to be recovered have been found in two caves on Egypt's Red Sea coast, according to a team at Boston University in the US. The team also found fragments of pottery at the site, which could help resolve controversies about the extent of ancient Egyptian trade voyages. But details of the newly disclosed finds remain sketchy. Kathryn Bard has revealed that her team found items - including timbers and riggings - inside man-made caves. Read more.

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