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UFODigest Newsletter March 26, 2009
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A tourist visiting a town from years ago strolled into a blacksmith's shop just after the blacksmith had placed a red-hot horseshoe on a metal bench. More.
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Teenager Videos Possible UFO Near RAF Base

This week a teenager has taken a remarkable video showing a possible UFO! Chris Holly updates her story about a UFO and its occupants in the Canadian wilderness.
Continues from left column...

We have a report of a horse mutilation in Argentina. Ed Komarek pens 3 articles about UFOs and secret meetings. L. A. Marzulli and Stephen Yulish PhD both review the movie . Steve Hammons and L. A. Marzulli review the movie Race to Witch Mountain! Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris writes about ET UFO awareness and then Carolyn S. exposes more of the Rennes Chateau mystery. Next, see what Tony Elliot means re: suicidal civilization. Finally, Babu G. Ranganathan concludes his series on the The Planet of half-evolved apes! Thanks Dirk

Teenager Videos Possible UFO Near RAF Base (VIDEO) by Harry Haydon. A SCHOOLGIRL has recorded incredible UFO footage just miles from an RAF base. The article continues: Stunned schoolgirl Harriet Rogers is convinced that the bright light seen above her home in Bridgnorth, Shropshire, was alien life. The 13-year-old captured the odd spherical shape on camera as it moved across the night sky and bizarrely started to change colour. She then jumped in the car with dad Barry and tailed the glowing ball as it hovered high above her house, about eight miles from RAF Cosford in Shrops. More...

Update on The Canadian Wilderness Light Craft UFO and Alien Creature Event by Chris Holly. Recently I wrote the article: Strange Light Craft and Alien Gray Caught on Camera in the Canadian Wilderness. The photo of the craft was included with an enlargement of what appeared to be a creature hiding behind a tree watching the man who took this photo. We knew this photo was real and very unusual. When it was sent to us we enlarged it and that is when we found the images of the creature peeking out from a tree at the tree line of the field. More...

Horse Mutilation Found in Argentina 2007 by Silvia Pérez Simondini. On October 1, 2007, in the Moscas Sur District, Department of Uruguay, separated from Rosario del Tala by the reiver bearing the same name, Mr. Edgardo Raul Slootman of the San Diego ranch found one of his colts in the manner shown in the photograph that appears above. Regrettably, this photo is not perfectly clear, as the gentleman did not have the negatives and it was only possible to take a photo of the photo. More...

What Happened To InfoTech? by Ed Komarek. InfoTech is the screen name of a friend and fellow UFO/ET investigator who posted frequently on the Open Minds Forum and got interested in the Stephenville case. He got into trouble with the PTB awhile back and ended up in electronic containment and limbo. All his electronic communications both computer and phone were monitored and censored. More... Also read: Just Tell Us the Truth Dammit! and Ron Enters Navy and Source A's Arena.

L. A. Marzulli review of KNOWING by L. A. Marzulli. The gist of the story is this. Encoded on a single sheet of paper, is line after line of numbers. This was written by a 'disturbed' fourth grade girl and tucked away in a time capsule for fifty years. At first it appears that this is a just a random sequence of numbers, but as the time capsule is unearthed, and the movie progresses, we see that the numbers are, in fact, the dates and places where tragedy has stricken, in one form or another, in some horrific disaster. More... Also read: Race To Witch Mountain: preparing the masses

What You Absolutely Need to Know about the movie Knowing by Stephen Yulish PhD.. I could not think of a better way to spend a Saturday morning than to veg out on a good, entertaining sci-fi movie. I have loved doing that very thing for over 50 years so why stop now. I loved movies like Forbidden Planet with Robbie the Robot and The Day the Earth Stood Still. More...

'Race to Witch Mountain' is UFO acclimation? by Steve Hammons. The new movie RACE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN, which opened in theatres on Friday, March 13, continues the acclimation process for the public on the possibility or probability that we are being visited by extraterrestrial and/or extra-dimensional intelligent beings. Interestingly, March 13 is also the anniversary of the 1997 "Phoenix lights incident". More...

ET UFO Awareness Growing Regarding 2012! by Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris. We are all here for a purpose and those of us who have come to know and share in the expansion and ascension of ET UFO AWARENESS are the one is who spot on and on the right path are! We are actually the ones with the foresight and should all be thankful for our positions and status on this planet. We are supporters of success! More...

Connection at New Orleans Cathedral to Rennes Mystery the Box and Mary's Colours by Carolyn S.. Rennes Chateau has a mystery that has intrigued many treasure hunters. In the movie Bloodline by Bruce Burgess, Rene Barnett, and Robert Howells shows a tomb discovered by Ben Hammott where a embalmed body rests with a shroud covered with a red cross in a cave. There is a legend which talks about a great treasure buried at Rennes Chateau. More...

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Suicidal Civilization by Tony Elliott. As I read some of the articles in UFO Digest and other related publications I find most of the writers and witnesses to strange phenomena have one thing in common which is an apocalyptic scenario embedded in their subconscious mind linking anything to do with unusual phenomena as a sign humankind is near becoming extinct. More...

The Planet of half-evolved apes! Part II by Babu G. Ranganathan. The fact that animal and plant species are found fully formed and complete in the fossil record is powerful evidence (although not proof) for creation because it is evidence that they came into existence as fully formed and complete which is possible only by creation. More...

The Hour of Our Time
The Legacy of William Cooper

Surrounding us in our day-to-day lives are mysteries, that to spend our days pondering would paralyze us from leading productive lives. So we turn away from these thoughts in order to seek out as trouble free an existence as we can.

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Appalachian Case Study: UFO Sightings, Alien Encounters and Unexplained Phenomena
by Kyle Lovern

New UFO sightings being reported across tri-state

Mingo County UFOlogist and book author Kyle Lovern has been getting an astonishing number of "fresh phone calls" from witnesses documenting entirely new cases of unidentified flying objects and alien findings. Read Review

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