UfoDigest Newsletter March 30, 2006
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United States planning moon base This week we have a story about a UFO school! Read about the U.S. planning to build a moon base! Then we have a true story about a Brooklyn psychic waiting for her UFO abductee partner. Next, we have a story about Sedona the UFO capital of the world. Then we continue the 'Quest for Middle-earth' by explaining the meaning and origins of the rings in Tolkien's tales. Ice-free cryogenics may make it possible for us to live forever! And finally we have a story about 'Applying Science to the Paranormal'. Enjoy Dirk.

U.S. Planning Moon Base
For the first time since 1972, the United States is planning to fly to the moon, but instead of a quick, Apollo-like visit, astronauts intend to build a permanent base and live there while they prepare what may be the most ambitious undertaking in history -- putting human beings on Mars. Find out more. See artwork above.

School for UFO-spotters
A flying saucer school teaching UFO-spotters how to react if they meet an alien has opened in Russia. Story continues.

Brooklyn Psychic Awaits Partner in Destiny
On April 4th, 1954 a 9-year-old girl named Ellie Crystal had an experience in the Nevada Desert that changed her life forever. She was traveling with her mother and... Read more.

Arizona’s Sedona is a place of beauty, peace and mystery
Much has been written about the mysteries of Sedona, Arizona. But have we learned everything there is to know about this beautiful and interesting place? And how do all the facts, history, stories and claims about Sedona fit together? Good Read!.

One Ring to Rule Them All
If we look back in history for evidence of the ring's origin we must once again transport 6000 years to ancient Sumer, and rely on the lost, now found and finally translated clay tablets and copper cylinders of the God-kings. Read More.

Ice-Free Cryogenic Technology
Diseases such as cancer and AIDS are virtually incurable today. Yet doctors should be capable of curing these fatal diseases in a hundred years. It would be great to fall asleep and wake up when a wonder drug can be bought over the counter. Read More.

Making ghosts of mysteries
For a lecture titled "Applying Science to the Paranormal," writer and investigator Ben Radford brought his critical attitude to psychics, Bigfoot, and a Lancaster home that was reported to be haunted. Find out more.

Four great DVDs Only $34.98Four great DVDs Only $34.98
UFOs: Above and Beyond Area 51 Base, Roswell UFO Crash, Kecksburg UFO Crash and Fields of Mystery. Four great DVDs covering all aspects of the UFO phenomenon. Approximately 50 minutes each DVD available beginning March 21, 2005. Click here.

Will Storr vs The Super-naturalWill Storr vs The Super-natural,
a "hip young British journalist", inspired by an award-winning ghost buster website goes to the US to write about ghosts, ghost busters...Click here for story or click on book cover to purchase.

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