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UFODigest Newsletter April 3, 2009
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Three men walk into a room. Two get shot. How many are left? More.
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The Case of Human Alien Truth

This week, Chris Holly listens to a Dr. Mitchell interview and really hears it for the first time. Next, we are happy to give our readers an opportunity to watch UFOs and ET Contact (video lecture series). Norio
Continues from left column...

Hayakawa reports on the Dulce Base Conference. Our friend Christian Macé reports on an alleged Himalayas UFO. Ronald Nussbeck examines a UFO chasing an asteriod. Ed Komarek shares several articles about the Pickering brothers and secret contacts. Ron Murdock asks is there a god mother? UFO Digest picks its Writer of the Year. Then Ellis C. Taylor writes on wings in the woods. Barry Chamish has a new book: THE conPROMISED LAND. Finally, Saturna Brown adds a new next chapter to Slab Town.Thanks Dirk

The Case of Human Alien Truth (VIDEO) by Chris Holly. I was looking at you tube videos I had stored on my favorites list. I decided to play the video of Dr. Edgar Mitchell being interviewed by an English radio host that I had not really listened to fully the day I saved it. I could not believe my ears, how could I have simply placed this video in my favorites and not given it the incredulous reaction it deserved? Furthermore, how in the world did this interview simply fade away? More...

UFOs & ET CONTACT - A Video Lecture Series by Ed Sherwood. UFO Digest is pleased to present 'UFOs and ET Contact: A Personal Experience,' a lecture on ET Contact, which was presented at The South Wales UFO Group Conference, August 1995. The following video links feature Ed Sherwood discussing his personal experience(s) of contact with alien intelligences. Sherwood was speaking at The South Wales UFO Group Conference in Cardiff on August 27th 1995. More...

Dulce Base Conference Ends: Full Report by Norio Hayakawa. Close to 120 people showed up for the first 'underground base' conference ever to be held in Dulce, New Mexico on Sunday, March 29. The event made a rather tumultuous start at the Best Western Jicarilla Inn at 10 a.m. By that time the entire bar lounge area began to be filled beyond capacity. More...

Alleged UFO Photo Shot in Himalayas June 22 2006 by Christian Macé. I just received the email below with the original photo attached from Mr "JV", residing in Switzerland. 'JV' took this photo of the Indian Himalayas on 22 June 2006 at 06 h 57, with a camera type Dimage G 530. We distinguish on the mountain slope unusual object, projecting a shadow singular. Original photo above, and the same picture box where I blank the 'Thing' and the excerpt: Many thanks to Mr 'JV'! More...

UFO Chases Asteriod 2009 BD?, Photos by Ronald Nussbeck. NASA on January 26, 2009 reported an Asteroid named 2009 BD was stalking the Earth, it is reported to be approximately 400,000 miles away, but not from this photo. The 10 meter wide 2009 BD discovered earlier this month while making a slow pass around earth is followed by a UFO. The (NEO) near earth object poses no threat to earth according to NASA but seems much closer than reported. More...

Who Tricked the Trickster? by Ed Komarek. I figured I ought to lie low for a few days until the dust settled a bit from my previous article. Seems like my broadside into RAM and Orion was bound to stir up the hornets even more than Dan did previously and I figured all the heat generated might have even scorched a few hairs off Rabbit and send him down the rabbit hole to talk to Alice. More... Also read: Down the Rabbit Hole with Dan Smith and Ron Pandolfi, Where’s Alice?

Is There A God The Mother? by Ron Murdock. One of the first things that had me wondering if the Bible had been edited over the years was a section in Genesis. It mentioned God the Father and God the Son but neglected to say anything of God the Mother. Even in the eternal sense, how does one go from Father to Son without the aid of a Mother? It's as if someone isn't telling the whole story here. More...

UFO Digest Writer of the Year 2009 by Robert D. Morningstar. UFO Digest Writer's of the Year for 2009 is Robert Hastings the Author of 'UFOs and Nukes'. In recognition of his single-minded pursuit of the aforementioned UFO Nuclear Disclosure Initiatives and his scholarly chronicle of these historic events, the publisher and editor of UFO Digest further designate "UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Sites" the 2009 UFO DIGEST Book of the Year! More...

Wings in the Woods by Ellis C. Taylor. On the first night we were driving back from visiting a mutual friend who lives quite close by. As we descended the winding tree-lined drive to the carport I spotted a huge wolf-like creature. It was sitting bolt upright, over four foot high with an unwavering intense alertness in front of a large tree. Its long coat was two-tone - a pale and a darker brown and it its erect ears were rounded at the tips. More...

THE conPROMISED LAND by Barry Chamish. Barry Chamish wants to believe in the sentimental and uplifting Israeli message. This, however, can't be done unless the siege of Israel by immoral and secretive powers is permanently lifted. THE conPROMISED LAND does lift the veil on the worldwide crime syndicate that compromises not just Israel, but the future viability of the Jews as a people. THE conPROMISED LAND offers a detailed history of the compromise of Judaism by Labor Zionism leading to the quick dismembering of Israel taking place today. It is an accurate, disturbing but ultimately liberating history told by no one else. More...

Two Blocks from Slab Town - Walk! Do Not Run! (part three) by Saturna Brown. I crept by Mother while she was setting the table. I locked the bathroom door. I went over to the window and opened it. Since the screen was missing, it would be easy to reach the narrow steel ladder. This ladder was attached to our television antenna and was two feet away from the window. Joey and I were familiar with the ladder, since we were always using it to get on the roof. More...

The Hour of Our Time
The Legacy of William Cooper

Surrounding us in our day-to-day lives are mysteries, that to spend our days pondering would paralyze us from leading productive lives. So we turn away from these thoughts in order to seek out as trouble free an existence as we can.

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Appalachian Case Study: UFO Sightings, Alien Encounters and Unexplained Phenomena
by Kyle Lovern

New UFO sightings being reported across tri-state

Mingo County UFOlogist and book author Kyle Lovern has been getting an astonishing number of "fresh phone calls" from witnesses documenting entirely new cases of unidentified flying objects and alien findings. Read Review

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