UfoDigest Newsletter March 30, 2006
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Air Forces deliberately avoiding UFOs This week we have a great story about the air force deliberately avoiding UFO hot spots! Next, we have story about a professor that claims time-travel will happen this century! Then, we have a story about Michael Baigent, author of 'Holy Blood, Holy Grail' who claims everything you think you know about Jesus is wrong. Then we have a story about werewolves and another about vampires. Finally, we finish with the next chapter of 'Quest for Middle-earth' and the first battle of men and gods! Enjoy Dirk.

Air Force Deliberately Avoiding UFOs
Analysis of flight patterns of many Air Forces as documented in various public sources reveal an interesting pattern of UFO avoidance. Find out more. See actual UFO photograph above.

Professor Predicts Human Time Travel This Century
With a brilliant idea and equations based on Einstein’s relativity theories, Ronald Mallett from the University of Connecticut has devised an experiment to observe a time traveling neutron in a circulating light beam. Story continues.

The Jesus Papers
Michael Baigent is investigating a grisly crime. He’s tracking down leads, digging for clues, and trying to shed new light on a cold case— a case that is 2,000 years old. And this isn’t just any case: It is perhaps, the most well known story in history—the crucifixion of Jesus. Read more.

Werewolf Phenomenon Will Never Fade Away
A werewolf is one of the central figures of the oldest superstitions. This monster featured in numerous Hollywood blockbusters has been terrifying children and adults worldwide for thousands of years as well as vampires, witches, mermaids, ghosts and sorcerers. Good Read!.

The First Battle of Gods and Men
The first battle involving men, fighting side by side, with Gods, began in Upper Egypt in the year 363. The calendar was calculated based on the number of years a God or pharaoh reigned. Therefore, the first year of a ruler was year one, followed by year two and so on. Read More.

Dracula: Hollywood verus History
Romanian literature became aware of the concept of 'vampire' only in 18th century, thanks to West European literature,” said Professor Bogdan Bodnaryuk, expert in Balkan history of the Middle Ages of the University of Chernovtsy. Mr. Bodnaryuk believes that Bram Stoker is responsible for “making” a vampire out of Vlad Dracula. Read More.

Four great DVDs Only $34.98Four great DVDs Only $34.98
UFOs: Above and Beyond Area 51 Base, Roswell UFO Crash, Kecksburg UFO Crash and Fields of Mystery. Four great DVDs covering all aspects of the UFO phenomenon. Approximately 50 minutes each DVD available beginning March 21, 2005. Click here.

The Jesus PapersThe Jesus Papers,
Michael Baigent is investigating a grisly crime. He’s tracking down leads, digging for clues, and trying to shed new light on a 2,000 years old case. Click here for story or click on book cover to purchase.

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