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UFO Digest Newsletter April 8, 2010

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An out-of-towner drove his car into a ditch in a desolated area. More.

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UFOs Are Not That Strange After All!
This week Scott Corrales authors an article claiming that UFOs are not that strange.
Continues from left column...

We received two submissions: one from Leicestershire, England and the second from Englewood Florida. Chris Holly pens two articles: the first asks what aliens look like and the second is a continued conversation with an abductee. Then, Doc Edwards, explains how to get supernatural help from angelic beings. Then Jaye Beldo reviews C.G. Jung's The Red Book. Finally, Tony Elliott defends his opinion on climate change. Enjoy Dirk.

UFOs Are Not That Strange After All! by Scott Corrales. Latin America has often been scorned by U.S. researchers as a place that produces highly colorful and unverifiable accounts of UFO sightings, with the attendant phenomena of occupants, monsters, submarine bases, etcetera. While it is true that once upon a time the line between the metaphysical and the entirely physical tended to get blurred, there can be no doubt that many of the objects seen streaking across the southern skies are in fact, not quite so alien. More...

Kibworth UFO by Dirk Vander Ploeg. Received the following email from Tim H from Kibworth, Leicestershire on April 4, 2010. Like he says, it is "self explanatory". Here is his email: It is real, and I'm not out to win any arguments with anyone. More...

What Do Aliens Look Like? by Chris Holly. Years ago I was surfing around the net and found myself in a chat room that was full of adults discussing UFO's and aliens. I listened for a long time as a strange woman talked in a monotone slow soft voice intentionally trying to control the people listening to her in this chat room. The woman speaking tried her best to portray a mysterious air of one knowing all the secrets of the universe. More... Also read: Continued Conversations with the Abductee

UFO Extraterrestrial Political Tsunami by Ed Komarek. What Your Classified Briefer Does Not Want You to Know. I think I can safely predict that as UFO/ET disclosure and integration into extraterrestrial reality moves forward, incumbent politicians of all stripes and persuasions will continue to find their political careers and even their lives on the line. Political challengers may soon be asking of incumbents, what did you know and when did you know it! More...

Contacting And 'Getting' Supernatural Intervention And Help From Angelic Beings by Doc Edwards. Though I seriously doubt that many who might read these words will avail themselves of the extraordinary help that now waits for them like some supernatural butler dressed in a white tux at the doorway of their consciousness, nevertheless, I cast this article upon the sea of the Internet in the great hope that it will assist those rare few who might be so bold as to go at least far enough to "check-out" its possibility in the spirit, expectation, and hope that what I present here just might--- by the rarest of possibilities --- be true. More...

Amazing UFO That Comes Down And Lights Up by Jamie Havican. Description and Date of incident: It was on February 28th 2010. We were holding a sky watch at my here in Englewood Florida on the Gulf about 300 yards away and Dave my friend was about 7 miles north. We were both watching the skies, and called each other if we saw anything. More...

UFO Digest Review of The Red Book: C.G. Jung's Hidden Magnum Opus by Jaye Beldo. A quick scan of my personal library reveals a dust-covered confession: All Jungian books put on the bottom shelves years ago and deliberately forgotten. The primary motive for relegating them to such a low caste status stems from my profound disgust with what has been done with a once vibrant and unique form of psychology. More...

A Well Informed Citizen Is an Expert of a Topic by Tony Elliott. I've written several articles in more than a few publications on the topic of Global Warming of late. I believe it fits right in with most genres here at UFO Digest as it is a conspiracy. As we research and discuss topics like 9-11, the government cover up regarding UFOs and their occupants, Area 51, psychic phenomena and the multiple universe many tend to forget how we arrive at certain conclusions regarding these and other topics. More...

featuring John Mack MD

When Harvard psychiatrist John Mack approached filmmaker Laurel Chiten (Twist & Shout, The Jew in the Lotus, Twisted) asking her to make a movie about encounters with aliens, she thought he was crazy.

The Hidden World Number 1: The Dero! The Tero!
by Richard Shaver

The incredible story of Richard Shaver and his underground race of demonic fiends, creatures he claimed live deep below us and are said to have hijacked wonderful inventions like UFOs from alien visitors eons ago, has almost never been completely told. To find out more information or to purchase this book simply click on the title: The Hidden World Number 1:

Read review of Exploring The "Hidden World" Series Of Richard Shaver

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