UfoDigest Newsletter April 13, 2006
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Air Forces deliberately avoiding UFOs This week we have a story about Project Serpo by Steve Hammons, about how its changing our world! Next read the real story about Helen and battle for Troy as The Quest for Middle-earth continues. Then a chiropractor claims to travel back through time to cure his patients! Next, David Solamen explains the whole story of the Magnuss! Have you heard of Kamehameha, the fabled Hawaiian ruler? Glenn Kimball writes about tapping into human resources. Finally, we have another review about Michael Baigent's The Jesus Papers. Enjoy Dirk.
'Project SERPO’ could be small part of a changing world
If the “Project SERPO/Project CRYSTAL KNIGHT” mission – 12 U.S. military personnel sent with friendly extraterrestrial visitors to another planet in the 60s and 70s – turns out to be true, what will it mean for Americans and the human race? The simple answer may be: We don’t know. Read more.

The Real Battle for Troy
The Battle of Troy, indeed Troy itself, was long thought of as just part of the fascinating but incredible Greek legends, which scholars have tolerantly called mythology. Troy and the events pertaining to it were still considered to be pure mythological when Charles McLaren suggested, back in 1822, that a certain mound in eastern Turkey, called Hissarlik, was the site of the Homeric Troy. Saga continues.

Chiropractor claims to travel through time
COLUMBUS, Ohio - A chiropractor who claims he can treat anyone by reaching back in time to when an injury occurred has attracted the attention of state regulators. Find out more. See actual UFO photograph above.

David Solamen shares the whole story of MAGNUSS:
I who speak to you, using your language and your lexicon derived from your mind, am a fourth-generation MAGNUSS birthed in a petri dish from the reproductive cells of second-generation MAGNUSS parents I never knew. Story continues.

Luau to celebrate supernatural ruler
According to legend, Kamehameha (kuh-may-ha-may-ha) virtually fell from the stars. As Halley's comet soared in the skies above, the epic Hawaiian ruler was born. Good Read!.

The Power to Tap Human Resources
The human organism contains many perceptive abilities beyond the five senses. Many of them have been suppressed in our day of mass media where we rely on input to provide us with the way we feel and think. I learned at the same time that the power of my feelings had the ability to change my condition in some pretty amazing ways. Prayer was the time I used to learn how to think and feel. Good Read!.

Majic Eyes Only: 2006 UFO CongressMajic Eyes Only: 2006 UFO Congress Ryan Wood presents a landmark synthesis and review of every credible UFO crash retrieval event uncovered worldwide to date. Click here.

The Jesus PapersThe Jesus Papers,
Michael Baigent tries to strip Jesus of his divinity by claiming that he wrote a letter to a Jewish court denying he was the son of God. It also suggests that there is evidence that Christ survived the crucifixion...Click here for story or click on book cover to purchase.

True account of one woman's life-long experience with UFOs and the human agents who swooped in after "contact." A fascinating insight into the physical and psychological side-effects of alien/agent interaction. For this and other Paranormal, Religious, Scientific books, visit www.eccenova.com.

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