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Thursday 14th April 2005
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This week we have a truly international sighting of an unidentified flying object over St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City that was captured by network television. We also have about the creation of a real Jurasic Park featuring mammoths, another about humans reaching immortality and finally a story about 'Extreme Textiles' and how they can help mankind. Enjoy

Video Shows UFO Moving During Pope's Funeral

'Video Shows UFO Moving During Pope's Funeral

The video, taken from a network feed camera at around 6:00 am Roman time, was filmed as Pope John Paul II lay in state. 24 Hour News 8 meteorologists said the white object seen passing on a diagonal trajectory from the upper middle part of the screen to the left could possibly be a bird. Others were not so sure. Story continues.

Woolly Mammoth Resurrection

Woolly Mammoth Resurrection

A team of Japanese genetic scientists aims to bring woolly mammoths back to life and create a Jurassic Park-style refuge for resurrected species. The effort has garnered new attention as a frozen mammoth is drawing crowds at the 2005 World Exposition in Aichi, Japan. The team of scientists, which is not associated with the exhibit, wants to do more than just put a carcass on display. They aim to revive the Ice Age plant-eaters, 10,000 years after they went extinct. Read more.

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Hang in There: The 25-Year Wait for Immortality

Hang in There: The 25-Year Wait for Immortality

Time may indeed be on your side. If you can just last another quarter century. By then, people will start lives that could last 1,000 years or more. Our human genomes will be modified to include the genetic material of microorganisms that live in the soil, enabling us to break down the junk proteins that our cells amass over time and which they canít digest on their own. People will have the option of looking and feeling the way they did at 20 for the rest of their lives, or opt for an older look if they get bored. Of course, everyone will be required to go in for age rejuvenation therapy once every decade or so, but that will be a small price to pay for near-immortality. Read more.

'Extreme Textiles' Come of Age

Hang in There: The 25-Year Wait for Immortality

A knitted bag holds a weakened heart, helping it pump blood. Electricity flows through the threads of a battery-powered fleece jacket, keeping the wearer warm. Carbon fibers are braided into structures that look like mushrooms, but are actually prototypes of automotive engine valves. Other fibers are shaped into bicycle frames and sculling oars. Textiles are no longer just the stuff of clothing, carpets and furniture covering. Made of high-tech threads, they can also be found in lifesaving medical devices and the bodies of racing cars. One architect is proposing building a skyscraper out of carbon fibers. Read more.

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