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UFODigest Newsletter April 17, 2008
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Air Force Sitting Tight-Lipped On Sorrells' Saucer Sighting
Ricky Sorrells describing UFO encounter
This week begins with Rick Sorrell's UFO sighting, Then, Scott Corrales submits news on an Argentina UFO. Next, Mark Murphy and Noe Torres write about North Texas UFOs. Robert Morningstar examines the TV interview between Major Donald Keyhoe and ABC's Mike Wallace. Mary Alice Bennett remembers Dana Redfield. Next, Philip Mantle investigates the OZ Lights. Theresa Morris writes about the information hiway. Patrick Heron continues his Prophecies series with Part XI! Then, David Orbecth wonders if NASA is changing the color of Mars. Next, Ed Komarek yells, Damn the torpedoes..." Finally, Saturna Brown submits Two Blocks from Slab Town. Enjoy Dirk.
Air Force Sitting Tight-Lipped On Sorrells' Saucer Sighting by Eric Taylor
These events occurred in mid to late January 2008... After the Stephenville UFO sighting and Ricky Sorrells's sighting became public, I called Karl Lewis who is the Public Affairs Officer (PAO) for the 301st Fighter Wing, stationed at the Ft. Worth NAS. I told him that I knew someone who lives in Dublin Texas who was hunting on his own property around the middle of December 2007 when he saw a UFO. I didn't mention "Ricky Sorrells" by name.
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Argentina: UFO Wasn't Photographed on Purpose by Scott Corrales
A group of friends spent the day at Quebrada del Condor. A day later, when they looked at one of the photos they'd taken on the computer monitor, they realized that a strange object was present in the sky. They claim that the photo, taken with a cellphone, is not a hoax!
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UFO Crash in North Texas 1891 by Mark Murphy and Noe Torres
When dozens of people in Erath County, Texas spotted a half mile-long UFO in the skies above them in January 2008, a couple of area residents turned to local history books for clues about what happened. Located 80 miles southwest of Fort Worth, the neighboring towns of Stephenville and Dublin lie in the very midst of what has been, historically, a hotbed for UFO activity. Read Article

"The UFO Smokescreen" by Robert D. Morningstar
On March 8th, 1957, former Marine Air Corps pilot, Major Donald Keyhoe, Director of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), was interviewed on national television by then ABC reporter, Mike Wallace. Throughout the 1950s, Major Keyhoe was conducting ongoing UFO investigations and public inquiry into the existence of UFOs.
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Dreams from Dana Redfield by Mary Alice Bennett
It is April 14th and we are remembering her today, a year since her passing. She changed dimensions gracefully knowing that it would be a new beginning. We never spoke of it, but she knew that several of us, her correspondents, were psychic dreamers who would be open to hearing from her from the other side. Read Article

Awakening Alien UFO Ascension Enlightenment by Theresa J. Thurmond Morris
People are coming and going as all types of energy forms and the most typical on earth for now is that of sentient ascension human intelligent beings. There are many who are separating into groups based on the need to be right and different. How does this affect the whole in one globalization process?
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Prophecies of the Antichrist - Part XI by Patrick Heron
The Book of Revelation opens with the words, “The revelation of Jesus Christ.” This is the divine title of the book. It is not the “Revelation of St. John the Divine.” It is the Revelation of Jesus Christ. Revelation in Greek is apokalupsis which means unveiling. It can be used as in the taking away of a veil to reveal the face behind it. Or as the drawing back of curtains to reveal what is hidden behind them.
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OZ LIGHTS by Philip Mantle
One of the pleasures of lecturing or attending conferences on the UFO subject is some of the people you meet. In 2003 I had the pleasure of speaking at the International UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nevada, USA. This Congress is without doubt that the largest such event anywhere in the world. Out of the many people I met there one was Kathy D. Kathy is originally from the UK but has lived in Australia for many years.
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Is NASA Changing the Color of Mars? by David Obrecht
For a very long time now some people have maintained that NASA is changing the colors in the images it releases. Some even maintain that they are airbrushing some and even not releasing some at all. Let's take a look at a few images to see if we can spot any hanky-panky with the colors.
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Exopolitics: Damn the Torpedoes, Full Speed Ahead! by Ed Komarek
The Navy primary source leaking information on a recent secret UN meeting on UFOs said to Robert Morningstar that the DOD UFO working group was surprised by the vehement hostile response taken by certain elements of the UFO/ET community. For this reason the working group has decided to hold back on any further UFO related leaks for the time being.
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Two Blocks from Slab Town by Saturna Brown
Two blocks from where I grew up, was a place known as ‘Slab Town,’ or ‘Hell Hole.’ The homes in Slab Town were built from slabs of rough wood, discarded by the nearby lumber yard. People who lived in these homes had their own wells and outhouses. In other words, they did not have electricity. Children born in the heart of Slab Town were wicked. I knew it, because I could FEEL the darkness inside them.
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