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UFODigest Newsletter April 23, 2009
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UFO Report From Japan

This week, we have an exclusive sighting report from Japan's Kiyoshi Amamiya. Next, Steve Hammons believes we can learn from even UFO hoaxes. Then, Chris Holly sees
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the world through alien eyes! Theresa J. Thurmond Morris believes her life resembles the movie TAKEN. Peter Fotis Kapnistos writes about Uri Geller and the YouTube Smear. Niara Isley explains her experiences with UFOs at the Aztec UFO Symposium. Ed Komarek reports on the Aviary, a CIA UFO/ET Suppression Network. We have another article about Ben Hammott and Rennes-le-Chateau by Mary Alice Bennett. Saturna Brown submits the next installation of Two Blocks from Slab Town. Finally, Ron Murdock writes about connecting with the spirit. Thanks Dirk

UFO Report From Japan by Kiyoshi Amamiya. I am UF0 researcher who lives in the center of Nara Prefecture Tenri City in the Japanese Islands. My name is Kiyoshi Amamiya. I am 64 years old. I witnessed UFOs three times near the market where I go shopping. However, it was not possible to take a picture. Well, when I returned to the parking lot, and it put on a helmet in the head, the object like a big bird was seen in the sky. More...

UFO hoaxes can teach us about UFO realities by Steve Hammons. The recent UFO hoax in New Jersey could be educational in several ways. We might try to understand the thinking of the two men who have admitted to the hoax. We might also learn more about the complex overall situation related to UFOs. The two men who launched helium-filled balloons with common road flares attached to them did it because, according to Associated Press reports, they wanted "to debunk so-called UFO experts." More...

Through Alien Eyes! by Chris Holly. I was at a Spring Fling party with a group of friends recently. I was minding my business enjoying a bite to eat sitting in a corner with my plate resting upon my knees. I was listening to a conversation when an obnoxious fake laugh followed by a belittling comment lifted loudly over the conversation concerning a comment someone made about a recent UFO sighting recently seen over the ocean. The loud scoffing man made the woman who brought up the UFO sighting feel humiliated and she immediately backed down. More...

Taken Up For ET UFO Knowledge by Theresa J. Thurmond Morris. Everything I was taught to believe in, everything I learned in school as education no longer serves me. The world that I once thought I knew has changed. The more time I spend on earth, the more I want to return to the heavens in space. The television series TAKEN was about a young girl in someone's imagination. I am that little girl grown up. Now I wonder, where do I go from here. More...

Uri Geller and the YouTube Video Smear by Peter Fotis Kapnistos. Some years ago, Uri Geller became the world's best-known psychic celebrity. The belief that Soviet telepathic phenomena could in fact pose a grave danger to the Western world was taken rather seriously in the 1970s. Uri Geller was at the heart of the related uproar. Even "Nature" magazine, the world's most respected science journal, published a detailed report on Geller's remarkable talents. More...

The Human Cost of National Security Act of 1947 Secrecy by Niara Isley. On March 28th this past month I did something that was a big deal for me, I spoke publicly at the Aztec UFO Symposium about my extraterrestrial-related experiences, both my childhood through adulthood abductions/contacts and my more challenging military experiences while in the Air Force. You can read a basic account of those experiences at www.ufodigest.com/news or search the UFO Digest website for the article, Nellis AFB Radar Specialist Witnesses UFO. More...

Is the Aviary a CIA UFO/ET Security and Suppression Network? by Ed Komarek. I have conducted a kind of mad max investigation into who is RP Presidential Briefing and why is such a high level insider with a CIA background spending so much time interacting in the UFO/ET community. I believe I have figured that out and in the process what the Aviary is really about. More...

Sauniere's "Sot + Pecheur" Riddle and Ben Hammott's Clues by Mary Alice Bennett. It was the gaze of Sauniere`s original statue by the church entrance that led Ben Hammott to his first message in a bottle. That find was followed by the discovery of several carved coded stones which pointed to other bottles containing more cryptic notes and diagrams written in red or black ink that had been buried by the priest during his hikes in the mountains. There is a link to these discoveries in a previously known word-grid written by Sauniere called the "Sot + Pecheur" cryptogram. More...

Two Blocks from Slab Town - Heat by Saturna Brown. In the heat of the summer, sweat ran down our foreheads to our chins and around our necks. We had several methods trying to stay cool and it did not include sitting in front of an air conditioner. Back then, if you had an air conditioner, you were rich! Well, one method was getting under the sprinkler. When Mother and Father yelled about the water bill, there was always the neighbor's house. More...

Connecting With Spirit by Ron Murdock. The church seems to think their main function in society is to resist the rising tide of materialism and humanism. I've gotten the feeling that some Christians - not all of them - think they can decide what is good for everyone else. This sets up a confrontational mentality that gets other people riled up and creates more barriers. I can never see how arguing or browbeating people into your viewpoint help matters. More...

Mothman & MIB
John Keel Interviews

Here are rare interviews with John Keel. author of THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES and researcher of the incredible phenomenon of West Virigina’s MOTHMAN and MEN IN BLACK.

LAST WEEK's Top DVD: Secret KGB Abduction Files DVD

Real Angels: Guiding Spirits, Benevolent Beings, and Heavenly Hosts
by Brad Steiger and Sherry Hansen Steiger

Certainly no strangers to the paranormal this popular and prolific writing duo have produced another fascinating and enlightening work on the supernatural. Real Angels, destined to become yet another Steiger classic, reviews both modern and ancient stories, vital details and statistical information relating to our age old beliefs and ongoing human interactions with angels. Read Review

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