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UfoDigest Newsletter April 26
, 2007
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British Computer Hacker Gary McKinnon Loses Extradition Battle This week British Computer Hacker Gary McKinnon has lost his appeal to be extradited to the U.S., reports Sam Willey. Breaking News: discovery of a super earth-like planet! Piotr Cielebiaś follows up on his Vatican sighting and reports on another Chicago UFO sighting. Patrick Cooke, a new contributor, writes about the alien enigma. E.R. Escober is the author of a new book that parodies the Da Vinci Code. Glenn Kimball is looking for a few good men and Stephen Yulish contributes Part II of his article 'The True Story of UFOs.' Enjoy Dirk.
British Computer Hacker Gary McKinnon Loses Extradition Battle

Computer hacker Gary McKinnon is to be extradited to the United States. This case dates back to 2001, when Mr McKinnon hacked into computers belonging to the U.S. military and scientific establishments from his home in Wood Green, north London. Read Article See photo above.

Further Info Regarding the Alleged "Vatican UFO" "Flying disc" Photographed in fight to Chicago?

Further information about the alleged Vatican UFO obtained. K.K. - the witness claims that the object was seen with naked eye by several people and then abruptly disappeared. Another one submitted image depicts a strange disc-shaped object seemingly flying in vicinity of a plane heading to Chicago. Read Article

New 'super-Earth' found in space

Astronomers have found the most Earth-like planet outside our Solar System to date, a world which could have water running on its surface. Read Article

The Alien Enigma

Why we say God does travel in UFOs but is not an alien. There are certain connections we make in our minds that are cast in stone. If a police cruiser pulls up you expect a police officer to be in it, a tank always has soldiers, and planes always have pilots. Read Article

THE GIVENCHY CODE: An Homage And A Parody

Storms blew away and seas became calm. Madame Au Swait was relaxed again and was now showing her audience a large art book, which the Protégé dug out from under his seat. His seat had a removable lid, a convenient feature for stashing papers, mail, general clutter, and certain illegal substances. Read Article

The True Story of UFOs-Part II

In these continuing passages from my novel, The Great Harpazo Deception, my protagonist Col. Judah Meire interacts with his boss Dr. Lazant of the Remote Viewing Lazant Institute, the men-in-black from the above top secret government... Read Article

Where are "the good men"?

This month's classes are real Barn Burners. Two of the classes will be on the spirit molecule in the body and on aliens: they came here, we went there. I am also including the most comprehensive look at Zacharias ever done. It is an amazing story that is sure to make you need to catch your breath. Read Article

UFO Down-Under Vol.1 and Vol. 2

Genuine UFO footage from Australia by UFO researcher Barry Taylor. Only $24.95!

THE GIVENCHY CODE The Givenchy Code: in his parody version of The Da Vinci Code aptly titled, The Givenchy Code, author ER Escober has virtually superimposed the content and outline of Dan Brown's best selling book. Click here.

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