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UFO Digest Newsletter April 29, 2010

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The Navy's Tenth Fleet
This week Alfred Lambremont Webre quotes Stephen Hawking as claiming, "A U.K. psyops to promote space weaponization and a false war against extraterrestrials?"
Continues from left column...

Scott Corrales reports on a UFO wave in Chile. Ed Komarek follows up with a new update from Clay and Shawn Pickering concerning the Tenth Fleet. Next, Lee Irwin Pringle writes about a United Earth and then offers Chapter 1 of Orgins! Then Theresa J. Morris offers info on the Andromeda Galaxy Star Fleet and on 2012 ET Enlightment. Next, Chris Holly wonders why skeptics are really boring and finally Patty Greer writes about her experiences in a crop circle. Enjoy Dirk.

A U.K. psyops to promote space weaponization and a false war against extraterrestrials? by Alfred Lambremont Webre. "To my mathematical brain, the numbers alone make thinking about aliens perfectly rational," Prof. Hawking stated on April 25, 2010. "The real challenge is to work out what aliens might actually be like." More...

Chile: Tarapaca UFO Wave Continues by Scott Corrales. The apparition of an unidentified flying object caused a commotion in Tarapaca on Thursday night. The luminous object was seen throught the region, particularly in the Cavancha and Playa Brava sections. Professional photographer Marco Pardo captured the exact moment in which a large flashing light hung motionless in the sky over Playa Brava. More...

Tenth Fleet, UFO/ET Disclosure by Ed Komarek. I have been told by Clay and Shawn Pickering that they understand that the purpose of this Navy reactivation of the Tenth Fleet is to prepare for UFO/ET disclosure. Clay and Shawn say that Source A purposefully invited Clay Pickering to the Navy League function to give them more standing in the public domain. More...

United Earth: Pathway to the stars by Lee Irwin Pringle. The history of the human race is a violent one. It is a story of destruction and hate, bloodshed and suffering. Despite all this, in defiance of all our flaws we now have the opportunity to change, to grow, to better ourselves. Our world has become smaller, more interconnected. We depend on one another more now than we ever have in history. Nations, which are nothing more than an extension of primitive tribalism, must come to an end. It's ironic when we see aboriginal tribes in the Amazonian rainforests or in sub-Saharan Africa and mock them for their warlike and savage ways because we behave similarly, only on a much more sophisticated and reckless scale. More...

Origins Chapter 1: They come from outer space by Lee Irwin Pringle. This is the first part of a three part article series investigating the possible origins of our alleged alien visitors. There are many theories out there regarding exactly where our 'alien' visitors come from and the subject really does need more investigation. We assume they come from outer space, but is this really the case? More...

TJ Shares Andromeda Galaxy Star Fleet by TJ Morris. I want to share some of my reality and have a long story to tell. It sounds like Science Fiction It is not that hard to understand once you understand the technology and communication ways of the others above.Humanoids live much longer in space. For instance our time on earth is only one minute to one day on the ships above which travel slower in earth time. It's complicated. More...

2012 Extraterrestrial Enlightment For Transformation by Theresa J. Thurmond Morris. While we exist in the world of reality that we regard as light and life in vessels we call body-mind-spirits, we are considered sentient intelligent beings. We have been a part of the demonstration of altruism and spiritual virtues in our past lives. We also have learned about survival. More...

Why Skeptics are the Most Boring People on Earth! by Chris Holly. The skeptic survival kit contains dark sunglasses, earplugs, a good pair of earphones that block out everything but your music, a load of music loaded onto whatever you use to listen to your music , a book, and a large size 15steel toed manís boot ( this can be interchanged with a bat if need be). More...

'It happened' in a Crop Circle by Patty Greer. I was drawn to the center and laid down. I felt a presence and knew I wasn't alone. I had an out-of-body-experience that day and awoke with an entirely new life plan, soon to unfold. More...

featuring John Mack MD

When Harvard psychiatrist John Mack approached filmmaker Laurel Chiten (Twist & Shout, The Jew in the Lotus, Twisted) asking her to make a movie about encounters with aliens, she thought he was crazy.

The Hidden World Number 1: The Dero! The Tero!
by Richard Shaver

The incredible story of Richard Shaver and his underground race of demonic fiends, creatures he claimed live deep below us and are said to have hijacked wonderful inventions like UFOs from alien visitors eons ago, has almost never been completely told. To find out more information or to purchase this book simply click on the title: The Hidden World Number 1:

Read review of Exploring The "Hidden World" Series Of Richard Shaver

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