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UFODigest Newsletter May 1, 2008
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This week we have an amazing article from Scott Corrales about mysterious disappearances and then we have an exclusive interview with Brigadier Jose Carlos Pereira from A.J. Gevaerd, editor of Brazil UFO Magazine! Next, James Chavez, sends in a photo of his girl friend with a UFO. Then, Steve Hammons, examines the latest Phoenix lights event. Lio O Spiegler continues his series on Arthur C. Clarke. Ron Murdock writes about David Icke and asks, "Just who is he?" New contributor, physcist Rodney Kawecki writes about light speed. Then Regan Lee pens an article about high strangeness. John Milor writes about a 4.6 billion year old prophecy. Finally, Jannice Fadely, tells us about her spirit bird! Enjoy Dirk.
Is instantaneous – though unwilling – abstraction from one location to another possible or merely the stuff of fantasy and hearsay? Recent scientific advances in the field of teleportation have given a smattering of dignity to what until recently was dismissed as “crankery”. In 1993, a group of scientists of international repute stated that teleportation, far from science fiction jiggery-pokery, was theoretically possible.
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"All UFO Secrets Must Be Disclosed" by A. J. Gevaerd
Brigadier Jose Carlos Pereira is undeniably regarded by Brazilian ufologists as a high-rank official who has material information on the existence and concreteness of UFOs, not to mention their unquestionable extraterrestrial origin. Until little time ago he did not bother to hide what military new on the issue. Read Article

Unknown Object Photographed in Kauai! by James Chavez
We walked toward the beach and I pulled out my brand new JVC HD Everio Full HD video camera which also took high resolution pictures and started snapping away at my fiancé who was walking in front of me on the beach. I wanted to take some pictures of her with the waves behind her and set the camera to an auto "sport" mode shutter speed which had continuous shooting capabilities.
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Phoenix's Deer Valley: Some lights a 'prank' and some not? by Steve Hammons
The Associated Press was reporting Tuesday, April 22, that, "Red colored lights that formed a square and then a triangle were seen floating over north Phoenix. The lights were visible for about 13 minutes around 8 p.m. Monday."
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Clarke and I - An impossible journey - Part II by Lio O. Spiegler
This article will try to document an impossible journey to Sir Arthur C. Clarke, half way around the world to Sri Lanka. Why Clarke? Why now? Why impossible? These are all great questions. Stick with me and I promise you'll find many more great questions to baffle your sense and dazzle your mind. Oh, along the way, we might stumble on some answers.
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David Icke: Just Who Is He? by Ron Murdock
It all started with a newspaper article I was sent a few years ago. The article was from the Georgia Straight, an arts/entertainment paper located in Vancouver B.C. and was written by Brian Salmi on David Icke. The article grabbed my attention right away despite not hearing of David Icke prior to this but was similar to what I heard on the Art Bell Show. Read Article

Faster Then Light Speed Space Travel Anomaly by Rodney Kawecki, Physicist
There has been much talk of late about the supposed doomsday prediction of December 21, 2012 as reflected in the Mayan long calendar. Most of the ancient Mayan codices were burned by Spanish monks in 1521 as works of the devil. A few survived including the so called Dresden Codex. Read Article

High Strangeness on the Ranch by Regan Lee
Ranches, like deserts, seem to be the perfect setting for high strangeness encounters. The isolated, wide open areas of both ranches and deserts are ideal for all kinds of paranormal, UFO and Fortean phenomena to occur virtually undetected.
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As I was sat there I felt and heard a large bird coming from the south. I looked out through the screen wall and saw a shadow of a bird on the ground slowly cross the parking area. I watched it in growing surprise as its shadow moved slowly over the parking area in front of the garage from the south to the north. Read Article

by Brian Zaikowski

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by John Egerton and Brian Zaikowski

Discover the hidden secrets of a timeless mystery in this fascinating film about ancient advanced civilizations that existed thousands of years ago. Many new and amazing theories are now emerging about the origins of human civilization and Atlantis.

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Mysteries of Mount Shasta: Home Of The Underground Dwellers and Ancient Gods by Timothy Green Beckley
Mount Shasta is one of those fabled, legendary locales where mysterious tales have been handed down since before time as we know it began. Like the Bermuda Triangle or Stonehenge, there is a magic associated with this mountain in Northern California that has mystified and enchanted not just the local Native-American populace but also thousands of a certain kind of believer-the kind that believes in miracles. Click here.

Quest for Middle-earth by Dirk Vander Ploeg
What Came Before The Flood? Before the "Age of Man" Tolkien saw a very different world. Quest for Middle-earth is Dirk's personal journey into the past - part science, part religion and part fantasy. Only $13.46.

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