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UfoDigest Newsletter May 3
, 2007
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The New Humans This week we welcome new contributor Mary Rodwell who begins a series of articles on 'The New Humans'. Then Sean Jones gives us an update on the Alien Autopsy Film! Michael Naisbitt, also a new contributor, questions the death of Philip Schneider and then John Milor aks: Why is Earth Significant in the Universe?. Sam Willey submits an article about the pilot reports of UFOs over Guernse. Patrick Cooke writes about fallen angels and UFOs. Finally, Art Champoux offers an article on the Bridgewater Triangle. Enjoy Dirk.
The New Humans

'A new race of human beings has emerged. Whilst superficially they are undistinguishable however, they are the part of the next wave of the bringers of light, to assist humanity with the awakening of terrestrial consciousness. Human beings are awakening to their innate connection to the Universe. This is the primary role for all the NEW CHILDREN, coming to planet earth' - Tracey Taylor, experiencer (2000) Read Article See illustration above.

"The Alien Autopsy Film" - An Update

Just recently, I had the pleasure of watching the "Alien Autopsy" comedy film ("AA") with the British duo "Ant & Dec" on Sky TV. But what are we to make of the film? Well, for my part, I happen to think that the "mock-u-mentary," i.e. a film comedy satire, was quite possibly closer to the truth than some might like to believe. Read Article

Philip Schneider, Murder By Suicide?

Philip Schneider was born April 23, 1947 and died (many assume murdered) in January 1996. Now Philip Schneider claimed to be an ex-government geologist and structural engineer who was involved in building underground military bases around the United States (possessing a level 3 security clearance, “Rhyolite 38”). Read Article

Pilot Reports UFO’s over Guernsey

A pilot of a commercial airline by the name of Ray Bowyer has reported seeing two UFO’s in the sky near Guernsey. Mr. Bowyer reportedly witnessed bright yellow flat discs estimated as being twice the size of a Boeing 737 aircraft. Read Article

Why is Earth Significant in the Universe?

Relative to the subject of extraterrestrial life, the Bible speaks of angels, which by their biblical definition are intelligent beings that are not native to Earth (at least most of them). Read Article

Fallen Angels and UFOs A Maze of Misconception

One of the more prominent topics in the "alien agenda" debate is a common connection to the "fallen angels", the Nephilim, of the Bible. This concept has become so entrenched in common belief that few ever ask who these fallen ones are. Read Article

Paranormal Sightings Continue in the Bridgewater Triangle

The American Indians call it the Devil's swamp and in 1760 it was the spot where one of the first UFOs was reported. The object was described as being a spheroid that crossed the swamp in the daytime and it looked like a "sphere on fire." Read Article

UFO Down-Under Vol.1 and Vol. 2

Genuine UFO footage from Australia by UFO researcher Barry Taylor. Only $24.95!

Ufo Testament: Anatomy of an Abductee: This book is an amazing look into one of the best UFO investigators of all times. The major cases and the enigmatic way he got into the UFO reporting and investigating of this "out of this world topic." Click here.

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