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Wednesday 4th May 2005
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This week we have another amazing video from Sonara. It shows a rare daylight sighting of a disk shaped object. We also have two stories about possible life on both Titan and Mars, and another story about the first college course on exorcism. Enjoy

Video Shows Disk Shaped Object Over Trees

'Video Shows UFO Moving During Pope's Funeral

This video is courtesy once again of SonoraSightings and was videod May 1, 2005. David, the photographer got this shot from his front porch. He was facing Southwest and saw a bright disk-shaped object moving very slowly over the trees, heading North. He ran back inside to grab his camcorder, but didn't have time to grab the tripod. He managed to catch the object for approximately 45 seconds before losing sight of it behind a tree. Story continues.

Is There Life on Titan?

Woolly Mammoth Resurrection

During its closest flyby of Titan on April 16, NASA's Cassini spacecraft detected some surprisingly complex organic molecules floating in its upper atmosphere. Specifically, the spacecraft's mass spectrometer picked up the presence of a variety of hydrocarbons, including ethane and even octane. The giant moon Titan orbits Saturn some 800 million miles away from the sun. It is so cold -- hundreds of degrees below zero, both Fahrenheit and Celsius -- it might harbor dark seas of liquid methane, which also produces rain in the dense atmosphere. Read more.

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Radar Hunt for Life on Mars

Hang in There: The 25-Year Wait for Immortality

Scientists are about to deploy a giant radar telescope above Mars in a bid to pinpoint underground lakes and flooded caverns. Discoveries of these hidden seas would be a major boost for researchers seeking life on the Red Planet. Water is considered essential for the evolution of life. The instrument, called Marsis (Mars Advanced Radar for Subsurface and Ionosphere Sounding instrument), is carried on Europe's Mars Express satellite. Read more.

Fighting the Devil in Rome

Fighting the Devil in Rome

The first college course on exorcism is being offered at a Catholic university in Italy. Already, priests from around the world are flocking to Rome to participate and study psychology, law and a history of satanism.

The university on the outskirts of Rome is about as far from Hogwarts as it gets. Sunshine streams in from a huge skylight above as a janitor pushes a broom across a slick, shiny floor and students mill about with coffee before making their way to class -- in black cassocks and dangling crosses.

Because beneath its modern veneer, the Vatican-backed Regina Apostolorum Pontifical University, or UPRA, is grappling with demons. For the first time, this conservative Catholic university is offering Exorcism 101 this year.

Story continues.

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