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UFODigest Newsletter May 8, 2008
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UFO Piracy: The Cowichan Hospital Mill Bay UFO Sightings
This week we begin with the Cowichan Hospital Mill Bay Sightings. Piotr Cielebiaś sends us his interview with abductee Jan Wolski! Then Tim Swartz asks where have all the spacemen gone? Rodney Kawecki writes about paranormal space and dark matter. Paul Zogby reports a CIGAR UFO over Porter Mountain. Lio Spiegler finishes his series on Arthur C. Clark. Steve Hammons sees the effects of psychic programs surfacing. Anthony Mele sends us a report on his UFO sighting over the Dominican Republic. Alexandra Holzer writes about parapsychology. Finally, Brad Steiger writes about the Star Gods. Enjoy Dirk.
UFO Piracy: The Cowichan Hospital Mill Bay UFO Sightings by Leanne M. Jones and Robert D. Morningstar
Inspired by a UFO BC article (in Canadian UFO Report Vol. 1 No. 7) sent to her by UFO Digest editor, Robert Morningstar, and in the light of recent UFO sightings at Chicago's O'Hare Airport in November 2006, and those seen in Stephenville, Texas in January 2008, investigator Leanne Jones, a Canadian detective from Victoria, B.C. felt compelled to look in on the UFO sightings seen at Mill Bay and near the Cowichan District Hospital in Duncan, close to where she lives in Victoria, British Columbia. Read Article

Unique Interview With Abductee Jan Wolski On The 30th Anniversary Of The Emilcin Case by Piotr Cielebiaś
The 10th of May 2008 marks the 30th anniversary of one of the most amazing close encounters that ever took place in Poland as well as in history of encounters with UFO beings. On that day a simple farmer from Emilcin village in Lublin area met with extraordinary humanoids that then took him onto their craft. Read Article

It used to be in the good old days of UFOs, (June 24, 1947 to 1973) that the strange craft were piloted by a wide range of flying saucer folk. There were little people, big people, blond blue-eyed space brothers, monsters, robots, saints and demons from the sky and many more. Read Article

Paranormal Space by Rodney Kawecki
Outside the inner terrain of our planet earth hidden by the sun in the day time and seen as brighten starlight at night lays an unoccupied terrain of open free to travel through space. Unlike are space environment here on earth outside its barriers this region of dark matter lays across an infinite regional terrain filled only by four percent in its vastness of planets, stars and galaxies we see in the night time as brighten enlightenment.
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Cigar Shaped UFO Over Porter Mountain! by Paul Zogby
In the image, you'll see Giant Mountain on the left side of the image; with the rocky looking face. It was a crystal clear day and not a cloud in the sky. Above and a bit to the right of Giant Mountain, is something I didn't see when I took the shot. I looked at this image the other day and noticed a cigar shaped object, hanging in the sky parallel to the ground.
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Clarke and I - An impossible journey - Part III by Lio O. Spiegler
I didn't want to start a fight but two agents and several secretaries seem to do everything in their power to drag me into one. I believe Clarke deserves a film about his life and more than that, he deserves to play a role in our destiny. So now, the question is simple: Should I make this film about an innocent wide-eyed kid trying to reach a dead star whose fading light is the only thing left OR am I to abandon this battle with 14 minutes of sunset and try to do the best damn documentary about one of the greatest thinkers of the 20th century?
Read Article

Project STARGATE: Effects now surfacing? by Steve Hammons
It has now been more than 30 years after elements of the U.S. military and intelligence community began research into unusual "psychic" projects being conducted by the government of the former Soviet Union. And we may be seeing interesting results emerging. Read Article

UFOs or Angels over the Dominican Republic? by Anthony Mele
While in a private plane flying South East from Puerto Plata to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic I took these pictures from the co-pilot seat. The visibility was clear. We flew about 4500 ft. above the cloud deck. It was about 9:30 am, 4/22/08.
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Parapsychology-Should we go back to our roots by Alexandra Holzer
Today we are waking up to the paranormal feeling 'normal.' Thanks to cable television and ghost tours, the term that was once coined by my father as 'Ghost Hunting' has taken on a new meaning. I think we somehow lost an appreciation of his life and times as well as a few others before him. Read Article

by Brian Zaikowski

See More ufo and Paranormal Cartoons
by John Egerton and Brian Zaikowski

Secrets of the Ancients
This presentation features best-selling author and ancient languages scholar Zechariah Sitchin. Discover the amazing information he has uncovered about the origins of Humanity and ancient Extraterrestrial Visitors to Earth.

UFO ODYSSEY: by Brad Steiger
Brad Steiger's acumen and endless investigations into the world of the paranormal is endless. For over 50 years he has entertained us, fascinated us and brought us into the world of smoke and mirrors and the mysterious place we call earth. Click here.

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