UfoDigest Newsletter May 11, 2006
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Best Photos Yet of Smoking Gun UFO This week we explore the mystery of the pyramids and did Col. Corso leak top secret info? Next, why are there so many UFOs in the sky. Then we look at the Kecksburg UFO incident.The Quest for Middle-earth continues with the story of demigod Gilgamesh. We start a series examining paintings for clues in the 'Da Vinci Code'. Finally we examine the craft that landed in Socorro and wonder if it were a lunar lander. Enjoy Dirk.
Hidden Records
As an explorer of ancient paranormal events and an avid researcher of ancient civilisations for the last 15 years, Wayne Herschel has always believed that if one can understand the reason behind the enigmatic Sphinx at Giza, then this would surely provide a vital clue to unlocking the mystery of the pyramids. Find out more. See photo above.

Alleged Security Violation by Col. Philip J. Corso
When the late Lt. Col. Philip James Corso (U. S. Army - Retired) published his memoirs in 1997 (The Day After Roswell; Pocket Books), he revealed his role... Read more.

Multi-UFO Craft Maneuvers Captured
During the past year, several photographers have captured formations of UFO Craft of different shapes and sizes, hovering and maneuvering over populated areas for several minutes at a time. Story continues.

41 years after the UFO crash at Kecksburg
Almost 41 years ago on Thursday, December 9, 1995, at about 4:45 p.m. EST, a bright fiery object hurtled across the sky above the Great Lakes, leaving a smoky trail in it wake, until it finally came to ground at Kecksburg... Story continues.

The Untold Story of Gilgamesh
Archaeologists in Iraq believe they may have found the lost tomb of King Gilgamesh, the hero of the oldest "book" in history. If true, this is an incredible discovery, for Gilgamesh was far more than a man, he was the son of a God! This discovery could tell us much about the hierarchy of the Sumerian Gods, for Gilgamesh was not only a king but also a judge of the Anunnaki! Saga continues.

Da Vinci Code Clues in the Last Supper
To those who say that there are no references to their relationship in the paintings of Leonardo Da Vinci, this article is dedicated... Good Read!.

Could 1964 UFO be lunar lander?
SOCORRO, NM -- Something strange happened in the desert near Socorro NM, on a spring night 42 years ago, and a State Police officer was there to report it. Good Read!.

Project SERPO, the Zeta Reticuli Exchange ProgramProject SERPO, the Zeta Reticuli Exchange Program The controversy generated by the Serpo disclosure has been fierce. Some of the ma-
terial seems hard to accept at face value. Is this really disclosure? How much of the information is factual? Click here.

On The Trail Of The Saucer SpiesRoswell - It Really Happened,
Marcelís book telling of his involvement in what really happened In July of 1947 when he examined the debris of a crashed interstellar ship. Click here for story or click on book cover to purchase.

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