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UFODigest Newsletter May 14, 2009
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"He's great on the court," a sportswriter said of a college basketball player in an interview with his coach. "But's how's his scholastic work?" More.
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One Man's Early Alien Contacts ETAP in Canada in the 1960s

This week we have an amazing article by Patrick Tamas and his early alien contacts. Then, Steve Hammons reports that former astronaut Edgar Mitchell claims Roswell was true and then Steve writes that a Special Ops
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UFO Manual appears authentic! L.A. Marzulli states that the UFO Hunters had a guest that has a piece of a UFO. Angelica Downe, a new contributor, wonders if the alien presence is real. Cristian Negureanu summarizes 50 years of seeking E.T. Ed Komarek writes more about MJ 12 and the Aviary Group. Then Chris Holly follows up on your article about the psychic. Tony Elliott reports on his paranormal Las Vegas vacation. Finally, Stephen Yulish analyses Cristian Negureanu's article on the 200,000 year old statue on the Moon.

One Man's Early Alien Contacts ETAP in Canada in the 1960s by Patrick Tamas. I am a Canadian who has been very interested in UFOs for a long time. Many years ago, in my mid teens (1964 1965 1966), I witnessed UFO activities in the sky on several occasions here in Montreal, in the Laurentian Mountains and in Matane, Quebec, Canada. I also saw a UFO in Silver Spring, MD and Washington DC in the sky above Madeleine Rodeffer's home, while visiting her. She was associated at the time with George Adamski. More...

Received an email from Ross Hemsworth, host of the syndicated hit radio programme Now THAT'S Weird. There will be a British Tour to the International UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nevada from February 13, 2010. Interested parties shoud contact Neil McDonald at neil@megalithictours.com or visit www.megalithictours.com for more information.

Roswell UFO Crash Is True Claims Former Astronaut by Steve Hammons. According to a CNN report April 20, 2009, former astronaut Edgar Mitchell told an audience at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., that the basic story of a 1947 UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico, is true. Mitchell was an astronaut on the Apollo 14 mission to the moon in 1971 and he spoke at the National Press Club after the fifth annual X-Conference, an event focused on research involving UFOs. More...

UFO Encounters – Heads in the Sand! by L. A. Marzulli. I was watching UFO Hunters last night. As usual it was a great program. The team interviewed a man who had seen a UFO. Nothing unusual about that as he's just one of thousands, who have had an encounter. He first noticed the UFO, as he was driving. It was night and he saw a very bright light, "The size of a three story building." As he watched, the craft ascended very quickly and merged with what looked like two enormous neon tubes, that were parallel to each other. Then, in a flash the UFO took off, to parts unknown. Here's where the story gets interesting. Something broke off from the UFO, and fell to earth, as the craft was leaving. More...

Special Ops UFO Manual Looks Authentic: Researchers Claim by Steve Hammons. An alleged 1954 U.S. special operations manual that provides instruction on dealing with UFOs and extraterrestrial beings was discussed by researchers Robert Wood, Ph.D., and Ryan Wood Thursday, April 16, on the radio program 'Coast to Coast AM.' The Woods, a father and son team, examine and evaluate the authenticity of various government documents related to UFOs. More...

Is the Alien Presence Real? by Angelica Downe. I have been interested in UFOs and aliens since my father told us he saw several unidentified objects that looked like flying saucers during the 1950's. I was merely a child but the image that I formed in my mind has lasted to this date. The idea was farther enhanced and became more vivid years later, when my younger sister and my husband saw a UFO and watched it pass over as they and other excited drivers stepped out of their cars. More...

50 Years Of Seeking E.T. by Cristian Negureanu. It's been almost 50 years since scientists first came up with the idea of looking for radio signals from extraterrestrial civilizations - and although there have been a couple of curious blips, we haven't yet definitively heard E.T.'s cosmic call. Now the experts in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, or SETI, are wondering whether we've been looking in the wrong places for the wrong kinds of signals. More...

MJ 12 and the Aviary by Ed Komarek. Aviary member retired captain Robert Collins posted a transcript of Aviary member Rick Doty answering questions from Joe Firmage as to Rick’s involvement with two members of MJ 12. www.ufoconspiracy.com I would appear that MJ 12 may still exist but in some diminished capacity after the 1960s Nixon purge and privatization of the alien resource trade aspect of MJ 12. More...

The Continued Story of Turmoil and Success of the Tortured Psychic by Chris Holly. I wrote the story of a Psychic I know (The Case of the Psychic Who had the Right Event on the Wrong Road) who had the unpleasant experience to have a clear and complete vision of a murder. She confused some of the things she had seen in the vision including the wrong town yet the right street name and the wrong relative. The psychic thought she was watching her sister's death but as fate would have it she witnessed, by way of this incredible vision, the murder of her cousin who looked very much like her sister. More...

Paranormal Vegas Vacation by Tony R. Elliott. After retiring to the room at about 2AM and actually turning all the lights off at about 3.30AM to sleep we were awakened about an hour later with our room fully lit from an over head light neither of us even knew existed. Again, we turned this light off after searching for the switch. We finally found it in the small closet enclosure just in front of the bathroom. More...

The 200,000 Year old Angel Statue...more Christian Propaganda by Stephen Yulish PhD. Cristian Negureanu's article 200,000 Year Old Statue found on the Moon, which appeared on May 5, 2009 first introduced us to this mysterious angel statue purported to have been brought back from the Apollo 11 moon mission some forty years ago. Its sudden appearance was attributed to a NASA geologist by the name of Dr. Morris Charles who it is said worked for NASA for 23 years and left in 1987. More...

Alien Origins
by Lloyd Pye

Lloyd Pye is at the forefront of research into human origins from alien sources. His Intervention Theory proposes that human DNA is not of this world. Using remarkable scientific analysis, Lloyd Pye makes a strong case in this presentation filmed at the International Scientific and Metaphysical Symposium in Australia.

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The Conspiracy Summit Dossier: Whistle Blower's Guide To The Strangest And Most Bizarre Cosmic And Global Conspiracies!
Edited by Timothy Green Beckley, with Adam Gorightly, Kenn Thomas, Bill Cooper, Commander X and Terry Melanson

The Conspiracy Summit Dossier: Whistle Blower's Guide To The Strangest And Most Bizarre Cosmic And Global Conspiracies!

It is often said that one mark of a successful conspiracy is that it is completely impossible to prove. The conspirators cover their tracks so well that no smoking gun ever emerges and silence is maintained at the point of death in some cases. Read Review

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