UfoDigest Newsletter May 25, 2006
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Fascinating Recent Discovery on Temple Mount Updated May 25, 2006: This week we begin with an exclusive article concerning a mystery artifact discovered near Solomon's temple. Next, read the amazing story of a UFO in Brazil! In another Da Vinci Code article learn the truth about the Merovingian Sorcerer Kings. Then learn why the church hides behind the Donation of Constantine. Getting back to UFOs we have a sighting in Lancashire, England and then we have new information on the Project SERPO! Finally, we have a story about the ghost of the Doors' Jim Morrison! Looking for a UFO poster or T-shirt then please visit our sponsor? Enjoy Dirk
Fascinating Recent Discovery on Temple Mount
In August of 2005, a highly interesting find was made by the archeologist Gabriel Barkai, who has been a stalwart and long-standing authority in the Jerusalem archeological world. In recent years Barkai has been involved in a controversial project sifting through the rubble which the authorities have been removing from caverns... Find out more. See photo above.

New information about 'Project SERPO' made public
New information has been made public about the alleged “Project SERPO.” This disclosure comes from what appears to be different sources, and has been posted on a different Web site than previous information releases. Good Read!.

The Ghost of Jim Morrison Appears in a Graveside Photo
It has been over 4 years since Hollywood resident and Rock and Roll Historian Brett Meisner first noticed a strange image in the background of a photo taken of him at the gravesite of former Doors’ front man Jim Morrison at the Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris, France. Good Read!.

Merovingian Sorcerer Kings
According to Sir Laurence Gardner, Mary Magdalene was already three months pregnant at the time of the Crucifixion, since she and Jesus had cemented their Second Marriage at the Bethany anointing in March 33AD.... Story continues.

The Donation of Constantine
The Royal Bloodline was successfully handed down from generation to generation and was unanimously accepted by people, either common or gentry. Even the Church ... Saga continues.

The Cambuquira's UFO
As he participated in a free-flight championship in the mineral-waters resort of Cambuquira, Sao Paulos´s Sheriff, José Eduardo Zappi, registered an UFO. Read more.

UFO report reveals Lancashire sightings
Bright green lights above the M6 and a moon-like object hovering in the Preston skies are just two of the 'UFO' sightings to have been reported in Lancashire. Story continues.

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