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UFO Digest Newsletter June 10, 2010

Jim and Edna were both patients in a mental hospital. One day while they were walking past the hospital swimming pool, Jim suddenly jumped into the deep end. More.

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UFO Over Raul Leoni, Venezuela
This week new contributor Milton Brener submits an article about (UFO) motherships in the new world. Next, Roger Marsh, www.examiner.com, reports that circular-shaped objects were flying in a triangle formation over North Carolina. Then Alfred
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Lambremont Webre attempts to explain the Australian spiral light. Regular contributor, Chris Holly writes about a witness to a 1992 UFO crash. Next, Scott Corrales writes about "parahumans". Regan Lee contributes Spirals, Triangles, Tricksters which looks at spiral UFOs and more. We turn the UFO Spotlight on reader, Redbear, who photographs UFOs in Northern, Ontario. Next, Doc Edwards asks: Who Do You Fear More: Aliens or British Petroleum? Finally, Theresa J. Thurmond Morris, writes about the alien ET Occam's razor. Enjoy Dirk.

Motherships in the New World by Milton Brener. Reports throughout history describe the phenomenon that has come to be called ‘motherships.’ Unidentified flying objects have been seen to discharge one or more smaller objects, and other times the smaller objects are seen to be taken in by the larger ones. The debunkers obviously consider them as products of the imaginations of superstitious people, nothing to be taken seriously, and ignore them. More...

Circular-shaped objects flying in triangle formation reported from North Carolina by Roger Marsh. “A North Carolina witness out watching the Leonid meteor shower on November 17, 2009, watched three circular-shaped objects flying in an "equilateral triangle" formation, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. More...

Did a Cape Canaveral rocket, HAARP or ET/UFOs cause the June 5, 2010 Australian spiral light? by Alfred Lambremont Webre. A UFO that was "a perfect spiral of light" according to eyewitnesses over Eastern Australia at 5:50 AM on June 5, 2010 has given rise to the same speculation as the December 9, 2009 spiral seen over Oslo, Norway the night before U.S. President Barack Obama's Nobel Prize speech. More...

He Watched Yet Said Nothing - The UFO Crash of 1992 by Chris Holly. In year 1992 the newspapers on Long Island New York reported a suspected UFO crash on November 24th in South Haven Park located in Suffolk county. You can find reports on this event with an easy Google search. More...

Of Humans and Parahumans by Scott Corrales. “Is humanity alone in the universe?” This question has bedeviled us for generations, although it might seem to be a recent query, a result of our interest in space exploration and the furious technological development that came about after World War 2. Others may lay the blame squarely on the shoulders of science-fiction, blaming our obsession the pulps of the 1920s and 30s, the “boys’ papers” of the 1900s, and the romantic descriptions of worldly life on our neighboring worlds in the late 19th century. More...

Spirals, Triangles, Tricksters by Regan Lee. More spiral "ufos" in the news. Recently we saw the odd spiral -hoax -that- wasn't- a -hoax -or- was -it? from Canada. And now this news from Australia, of a spiral seen in the skies, as reported from Phantoms and Monsters, which includes YouTube clip of the spiral. Not as magnificent as the blue Norway spiral, but it's still interesting. More...

A UFO Digest Spotlight on...Northern Ontario UFOs by Redbear. I have been taking the UFO pictures shown below for a few years now. But more importantly, I am being visited by 'celestial beings' (of love and light) in the afternoons, usually between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m., and as you can see in my pictures, it does not matter if the sky is blue or if it's cloudy, they come when they do, and it is very urgent that we listen to their message. More...

Who Do You Fear More: Aliens or British Petroleum? by Doc Edwards. And Goldilocks said, "Somebody's been sleeping in my bed!” “What are you doing out here, little girl?’ the wolf asked Little Red Riding Hood as friendly as he could muster.” More...

Alien ET Occam's Razor Psychology by Theresa J. Thurmond Morris. We would like to further the studies in academia for the future in Ufology and those who are the Contactees, Experiencers, and the mass public who have sightings. This is more than illusions, magic, or delusions. More...

featuring John Mack MD

When Harvard psychiatrist John Mack approached filmmaker Laurel Chiten (Twist & Shout, The Jew in the Lotus, Twisted) asking her to make a movie about encounters with aliens, she thought he was crazy.

The Hidden World Number 1: The Dero! The Tero!
by Richard Shaver

The incredible story of Richard Shaver and his underground race of demonic fiends, creatures he claimed live deep below us and are said to have hijacked wonderful inventions like UFOs from alien visitors eons ago, has almost never been completely told. To find out more information or to purchase this book simply click on the title: The Hidden World Number 1:

Read review of Exploring The "Hidden World" Series Of Richard Shaver

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