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UFODigest Newsletter June 12, 2008
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On Current UN UFO Meetings: How
This week we begin with a letter to the editor from EM on his theory on black triangles. Then Nancy Burson writes about the ETs and their lineage. Vince White is livid about fake UFO photos. Mary Alice is back with newly found evidence at Rennes-le-Chateau! Rodney Kawecki gives us another lesson in time-travel. Sean Casteel remembers the first alien encounters in the 1950s. Saturna Brown submits her next chapter in Two Blocks from Slab Town. Joaquim Fernandes tells about what really happened at Fatima and finally J.M. Sinclair revisites the Angels of Mons (one of my favorite tales). Enjoy Dirk.
EM's Theory on the Black Triangle by EM. Over time, I have experienced confirmation that the simple answer is usually the correct answer. Having said that, I've also noticed that when an answer has been "massaged", it is almost always distorted, and more often than not, the truth is virtually absent from the report. More...

The Lineage Of Extra Celestials by Nancy Burson. Since I've worked with the FBI and taught at Harvard, I used to avoid anyone involved with UFOs or the Beings that inhabit them, because frankly, I was concerned about my credibility. More...

TO THOSE WHO PRACTICE 'CGI-diot' SPORT WITHOUT CONSCIENCE by Vince White. This is a flat out condemnation...a 'rot in hell' or "repent with good works" open letter to the legions of those irresponsible CGI folk, a.k.a. "CGI-diots," who are having a great laugh and having outrageous fun doing "fake ' aliens looking in the window video productions -- and destroying fair treatment of Stan Romanek and his video of claimed real alien images. More...

Sauniere`s Clues - The Pointing Angels by Mary Alice Bennett. Archaeologist Ben Hammott deduced the location of the newly discovered Rennes-le-Chateau artifacts from mysterious clues carefully placed within the opulently bizarre décor of Abbe Beranger Sauniere`s redecorated church. Among the objects he found in the buried wooden chest was a glass vial containing a small parchment originally hidden in the wooden balustrade. It was the writing on this piece of vellum that inspired him to begin digging in the churchyard. More...

Universe Space-Time Trek by Rodney Kawecki. Twentieth century technology has written its own doom with regards to normal technology. The standard theory of the Universe breaks down at obvious ends and new technology is necessary. Twenty-third physicists discovers to fix this dilemma all he has to do is divert the loose ends into a standard model making the puzzle of the universe solid. More...

“Son of the Sun” and “Secret of the Saucers” review by Sean Casteel. The current climate within the UFO community is often unfavorable to the contactees of the 1950s. The idea that benignly smiling, beautiful looking blondes from the planet Venus were here to guide us past encroaching nuclear and environmental doom nowadays seems to many alien abduction researchers to be the worst kind of wishful thinking. More...

Two Blocks from Slab Town - Tears by Saturna Brown. The following Saturday I woke up early just when the sun came up. I could hardly wait to ride my bike! Since the grass had not been mowed, there were yellow flowers everywhere. Usually, I would pick some to put in a glass jar filled with water and set it on the kitchen table. But, today all I thought about was riding my bike. When I stepped off the back porch, I ran towards it. More...

What Really Happened At Fatima? by Joaquim Fernandes, PhD. Just who was the brilliant entity that appeared to three young children at Fátima in 1917? Was she the Virgin Mary, as the Catholic Church would have us believe, sharing divine secrets with believers? More...

The Angels of Mons Revisited by J.M.Sinclair. The Battle of Mons was the first major action by the British Army in World War I. In the midst of retreat a strange apparition of angels holding back the Germans was claimed to occur. More...

Capturing the Light
Meet Dorothy Izatt. A mild-mannered, loving, mother and grandmother. She raised a family who now has their own. They are the picture of a perfect family. But there is a secret they’ve had to live with their whole lives... that mom has an ongoing relationship with otherworldly beings for over 30 years. And she can prove it.

UFOs: Natural, Domestic or Alien?:
by Robert L. Mason

UFO phenomena have intrigued the public for more than half a century, now new science may shed some light on the subject. Mason speculations about possible alien visitations, what alien technology might be capable of, or what the distant future might hold.

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