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Thursday 16th June 2005
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This week we have a lot for you. To begin we have two exclusive interivews. The first with the Prophet Yahweh and the second with Lan Lamphere breaking his slience and discussing his sighting of an UFO in a tornado. Next we have a amazing photo from one of our readers. This one shows a burning bush hovering in the air! Then we have a story about the late John Mack and his influence on abductees. Read his story Finally, we have a video that shows an amateur pilot testing a homemade Jetpack. Enjoy.

Interview with Prophet Yahweh

Prophet Yahweh Summoning UFOsI had the unique opportunity to interview Prophet Yahweh, the same highly controversial figure that summoned UFOs for KTNV-TV in Las Vegas. After the interview and broadcast of Prophet Yahweh summoning UFOs he believed it when they said that they would do a follow up story a week later. Well they never called - no other media called. Then suddenly the Prophet couldn't be reached. He had apparently dropped out of sight. No one in the UFO community seemed to know where he had gone. Hear the interview. Watch the movie.

UFO in an Thunderstorm

Lan Lamphere Hear the exclusive interview with Lan Lamphere, host of Overnight AM! Lan is a former videographer and talkshow host of The Edge. In 1997 Lan and friends caught a unidentified object inside a thunderstorm. Click for Interview.

The Burning Bush

Jerusalem Burning Bush

Anthony Mele was in the Middle East visiting Jerusalem in December 1998. He was visiting the Westerrn Wall in Jerusalem and decided to snap a few photos.It was mid afternoon and he thought that the crowd of worshippers backed by the historical wall would make a great shot. While shooting the photos he did not see anything except the tourists and the wall. More about Jerusalem.

Homemade Jetpack

Homemade Jetpack

I really don't have any information regarding this video. Except I watched it and it shows a man with an obviously homemade jetpack strapped to his back. Others ignite or start the jetpack and our volunteer or pilot is shot into space. It may not be an UFO but it sure is funny. Watch the video!

Alien Thinking

John Mack
Professor John E Mack was an eminent Harvard psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and Pulitzer Prize winner whose clinical work had focused on explorations of dreams, nightmares and adolescent suicide. More about John Mack.

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