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UFO Digest Newsletter June 17, 2010

A frog telephones the Psychic Hotline and is told, "You are going to meet a beautiful young girl who will want to know everything about you." More.

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UFO Over Raul Leoni, Venezuela
This week Sean Casteel writes about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Harry Houdini, UFOs and more. We received two submissions in the last few days: Max sends two photos
Continues from left column...
from Israel and Wisconsin and Erik sent in a photo taken along the Danube River in Budapest. Chris Holly writes about alien abduction in the College Professor. Milton Brener contributes two articles about the Schirmer abduction case and why smart people make foolish statements. Then, Janet Sailor writes about Dennis Balthaser, one of the country's top UFO researchers. Next, Tony Elliott writes about the true ET reptilian race! And finally Theresa J. Thurmond Morris reveals the truth about the andromeda mission and answers readers emails. Enjoy Dirk.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle vs. Harry Houdini -- UFOs, Spiritualism and the Cult of Belief, or More Evidence That History Repeats Itself by Sean Casteel. If you believe there is anything new under the sun in the world of the paranormal you are decidedly wrong! The events of today are part of an ongoing list of unexplainable phenomena that have their own uncanny parallels going back a century or more, which becomes apparent when one studies the existing records from that era. There are hundreds of photos of UFOs and their occupants now (some authentic, others undoubtedly hoaxed), while from earlier times we have albums filled with spirit photos as well as unidentified orbs circling around a darkened room. Ghosts have haunted many a stately mansion. More...

Two UFO Sightings from Max by Dirk Vander Ploeg. My sister and mom took this picture in Old Jaffa, Israel on May 31, 2010. The object was not visible to a naked eye and was discovered later while reviewing the pictures. With magnification of 100% you can see rows of windows of lights and detailed structure/energy field around the craft. Our analysis shows that itís not a lens stain. More...

UFO in Budapest, Hungary by Dirk Vander Ploeg. According to Erik the photograph above was taken along the Danube River in Budapest, Hungary on June 6th, 2010. More...

Abductee: The College Professor by Chris Holly. My recent interviews with the group of Real Time Abductees has been incredible. I have been talking with the abductee group of four and have decided to write about each abductee separately before writing about what they had to say as a group. The group of people I refer to as real time abductees are people who were going along their normal day fully awake and aware of their surrounding when they were over taken against their will. The people in this group all remember the start of their abductions and being returned. They all have little or no recall of the lost time while they were taken. They do have flashes of recall concerning what took place during the encounters. More...

The Schirmer Case: The Devil in the Details: Part I by Milton Brener.There are still those who think the abduction report of Howard Schirmer, the Ashland Nebraska policeman, is hallucination., His superior officer declared Schirmer to be dependable and truthful, and ruled out hallucination or dishonesty. Predictably however the Condon report found no basis for confidence that the UFO he claimed to see was physically real. More...

Smart People, Foolish Statements by Milton Brener. I have not read Paul Davies's new book, "Eerie Silence." Only some reviews. But I'll wager I have learned more about his book in those few reviews than he has about the UFO phenomenon in whatever he has read about it, if anything. Otherwise he would not quote with apparent approval the advise of Seth Shostak. The general theme of his book seems interesting enough, but irrelevant to our focus here. More...

Distinguished UFO researcher details "government" hoax by Janet Sailor. Conspiracy buffs will be in for a treat when Dennis Balthaser, one of the country's top UFO researchers, presents Interception: Case Closed June 19 at the Angel Fire Community Center, 71 Valley Road in Angel Fire, NM. The event begins at 2 pm, with $20 general admission and $10 admission for ASPE members. The event is sponsored by Alliance Studying Paranormal Experiences (ASPE). More...

Human Beings the TRUE Extraterrestrial Reptilian Race by Tony Elliott. A few inquiries have come to me of late regarding my theories of human evolution as outlined in past articles here at U.F.O. Digest. 'Atlantis and its Repercussions for Us' and 'Our Extraterrestrial Roots' are the two articles specifically mentioned by readers that wrote to me with their questions. More...

Andromeda Mission Revealed by TJ - Contactee by Theresa J. Thurmond Morris. TJ Morris, ACIR, Contactee of aliens from Andromeda shares some of her mission while here on earth. TJ Thurmond Morris is a known alien-hybrid with prior government experience and a life involved with esp psychic alien hybrid abilities. TJ shares her knowledge with others who desire to know her reality as one who is accustomed to UFO alien grays and Nordic humanoids types in her personal lifetime. TJ also believes in reincarnation and ancient astronauts who have visited earth. More...

featuring John Mack MD

When Harvard psychiatrist John Mack approached filmmaker Laurel Chiten (Twist & Shout, The Jew in the Lotus, Twisted) asking her to make a movie about encounters with aliens, she thought he was crazy.

The Hidden World Number 1: The Dero! The Tero!
by Richard Shaver

The incredible story of Richard Shaver and his underground race of demonic fiends, creatures he claimed live deep below us and are said to have hijacked wonderful inventions like UFOs from alien visitors eons ago, has almost never been completely told. To find out more information or to purchase this book simply click on the title: The Hidden World Number 1:

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