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Thursday 23rd June 2005
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This week we are featuring four new stories. First we have news about the Russian solar sail experiment, that desite great potential, failed to perform. Then we have a story about a real spy in the sky that's going to the space station. Next, we have an article about Stonehenge and the summer equinox! Finally, we take a look at the mystery of the Kennewick man. I added a lot of new content last week and didn't include it all in the last newsletter, so if you haven't already heard the interviews and viewed the new videos on the website, please do. Enjoy.

'Flying eyeball' to inspect spacecraft

Flying eyeball to inspect spacecraft A little spherical spacecraft may soon be buzzing around the exterior of the International Space Station and the space shuttles to inspect for any damage. The Miniature Autonomous Extravehicular Robotic Camera has now completed a docking test at NASA’s Johnson Space Center and could be ready for its first space mission as early as 2006 or 2007. Read more.

Solar sail fails to enter orbit

Homemade JetpackAN ATTEMPT to launch a spacecraft propelled by sunlight was reported to have failed last night when the booster rocket broke down shortly after lift-off in the Barents Sea. The launch of Cosmos 1 was part of a joint Russian-American attempt at the first controlled flight using a solar sail. More about the Solar Sail.

The Mystery of Kennewick Man

Statue of Egyptian pharaoh found after nearly 3,600 years

Scientists will launch the first phase of a long-awaited study of the 9,300-year-old skeleton known as Kennewick Man early next month at the University of Washington's Burke Museum in Seattle. About a half-dozen researchers will examine the bones after winning a nine-year legal battle that involved four Northwest tribes, the U.S. Interior Department and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Find out more.

Mystery of Stonehenge

Mystery of Stonehenge

Up to 21,000 people welcomed in the Summer Solstice with beating drums at Stonehenge. Cheers rung out across Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire as the sun rose over the "heel" stone at 04.58. A few high wisps of cloud together with a low-lying mist added to the splendour of dawn on the longest day of the year and the all-night festivities at the ancient stone circle passed relatively peacefully. Learn more about Stonehenge.

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