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UfoDigest Newsletter July 6, 2006
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Roswell UFO Museum This week we have more answers and some interesting music concerning MAGNUSS. Last month the British Ministry of Defense claimed there are no UFOs. Ufologists disagree. Next, we learn about the Skull of Doom! Imagine your next cellphone could be equipped with smell sensors! Then Peter Farley and Sam Arambatzis write about the tear in the planet. Finally, Victor Martinez writes about our original home in the Pleiades. Enjoy Dirk.
MAGNUSS: More Answers and Music
Concerning Magnuss, one of only three "saucer civilizations" in this solar system, whose territoriality encompasses Earth's entire northern hemisphere, told me early April 2006 that the Brazilian colonel sent to investigate "Flesh Burners", Southern Hemisphere saucer civilization, was murdered. He did NOT commit suicide! Find out more. See photo above.

Conspiracy theorists unmoved by British UFO denial
Last month, the British Ministry of Defense made public a top secret report on UFOs, concluding that three decades of sightings had failed to produce evidence of visiting extraterrestrials. Good Read!.

The Mysterious Skull of Doom
According to a popular story, English researcher Frederick A. Mitchell-Hedges found the Skull of Doom among Maya ruins in Lubaantun (now Belize) in 1927. Good Read!.

Smellophone with a nose of its own
For many of us, encountering a long-forgotten smell can bring the memories flooding back. Story continues.

Mankind's Birth Home! M45: The Pleiades "Seven Sisters" Star Cluster!
Perhaps the most famous star cluster in the sky, the Pleiades -- also known as the "Seven Sisters" and M45 -- is one of the brightest and closest open clusters. The Pleiades contains over 3,000 stars, is about 400 light years away, and only 13 light years across. Saga continues.

The Tear in the Planet - The Morning AFTER
Ive got this feeling like when you first sit down in the seat of a roller coaster and the bar lowers and the car begins its ascent of the first grade upward. Its Oh, sh.t! Here we go! No turning back now! Read more.

Amazing Mysteries: ARK OF THE COVENANT
According to the Bible, the fabled Ark of the Covenant was an ancient wooden chest covered with beaten gold and was said to be the centerpiece of ancient Jewish religious life. It was a source of great power... Only $5.95.

Black Magick WomanBlack Magick Woman Egyptian princess uses sorcery to seduce an Israelite king -- the original moral of the story had been lost under centuries of Christian interpretation. Click here. or click on book cover to purchase.

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