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UfoDigest Newsletter July 13, 2006
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Roswell UFO Museum This week news on Gary McKinnon who hacked govern-
ment computers for proof of UFOs. U.S. astronauts make an emergency repair to the space station. Next, we have an article on the Mothman phenonomen and an interesting story on the Old Hag. Three months ago a family left for church and disappeared! Finally, the Imperial College London is working on making solid materials invisible! Enjoy Dirk.
UFO Hacker to Be Extradited
After four years of legal wrangling and several hearings, British Home Secretary John Reid has signed papers to extradite Gary McKinnon to the United States. McKinnon has until July 18, 2006, to make a final appeal against this decision. McKinnon is charged with gaining unauthorized access to U.S. security computer networks at a time when it was still recovering from its worst-ever terrorist attack on Sept. 11, 2001. Find out more. See photo above.

Interview on Strange Days...Indeed
A few weeks ago I was a guest on Errol Bruce-Knapp's talkshow, Strange Days...Indeed, discussing UFOs. Dirk Click for mp3.

High drama spacewalk ends in success
In a high-drama spacewalk on Monday, a pair of NASA astronauts overcame an issue with a loose jetpack to make crucial repairs to the International Space Station. Story and Video.

The Conveneince of Being Unexplained
The terms "unexplained" and "understanding" are perhaps two of the most conflicting words in the English language. This is a fact that many enthusiasts of the paranormal and other unexplained phenomena have had to begrudgingly accept. Story continues.

The Old Hag at the Edge of the Bed
As many of you probably know, Iceland is famous for being laced with a kind of hard to put your finger on, haunted around the edges feeling that has been capitalized on by many. Saga continues.

The family who went to church and disappeared
Three months ago the Kumars went to church at Calia Assemblies of God in Navua and disappeared, leaving everyone baffled, including the police. Read more.

Invisibility at the flick of a switch
Adverts for x-ray specs have tantalised kids throughout the decades. Sadly the reality is always a pair of useless plastic glasses, but this could all change due to a breakthrough made at Imperial College London. Read more.

Amazing Mysteries: ARK OF THE COVENANT
According to the Bible, the fabled Ark of the Covenant was an ancient wooden chest covered with beaten gold and was said to be the centerpiece of ancient Jewish religious life. It was a source of great power... Only $5.95.

Black Magick WomanBlack Magick Woman Egyptian princess uses sorcery to seduce an Israelite king -- the original moral of the story had been lost under centuries of Christian interpretation. Click here. or click on book cover to purchase.

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