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UFODigest Newsletter July 17, 2008
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UFO in Tayrona?
This week we begin with an exciting photo of an UFO in Columbia. Then Carolyn S. writes more about Bloodline the movie and Rennes les Chateau. Then Leah Utas submits her sighting of a ghost on Highway 41. Dr Percy Seymour writes about his new theory of matter. Jannice Fadely explains the Hidden Agenda! Theresa Morris instructs on ET orientation prior to 2012. New contributor, Joanne Summerscales, writes about Sixto Paz Wells, an UFO Contactee. Mary Alice Bennett delves more into the mysterious diary. Finally, Stephen Yulish, writes about Christians and Magicians. Enjoy Dirk.
UFO in Tayrona? by Dirk Vander Ploeg.
I was vacationing in Tayrona, a national park in Colombia South America, this is a beautiful place on the north coast of Colombia overlooking the Caribbean. On my first day visiting, I was snapping pictures with my digital camera of this island that had a local rudimentary tike like housing on top of it. That day I took many pictures and continued taking pictures for the next week. More...

St. Louis Cathedral, New Orleans: is it connected to Bloodline movie and Rennes les Chateau? by Carolyn S.
Anyone familiar with new movie written, directed and narrated by Bruce Burgess called Bloodline is aware of the extraordinary discovery of a temple in a cave where a body reportedly was found bearing the Templar cross, along with a cup and anointing jar. Bruce Burgess believes this cave possibly could be a burial place of Mary Magdalene and her descendents. More...

The Phantom Hitchhiker by Leah J. Utas.
Would you know a ghost if you saw one? We think of ghosts as showing up under obvious circumstances like in old, deserted homes, derelict buildings, or the foot of the bed at night. We don't expect them during the normal course of the day and in the full shine of a spring sun, but it happened. More...

The Genesis of a New Theory of Matter by Dr Percy Seymour.
In 1985 I formulated a new theory of matter. In this article I will outline my reasons for doing so, and I will discuss the positive consequences of the theory for subatomic physics, for dark matter and for dark energy. More...

The Hidden Agenda by Jannice Fadely.
I have known for years what the Chits have been systematically doing to mankind. What has always puzzled me was the 'why' they were taking so long to destroy mankind. I know they need humans to feed on but there was always something else I could not put my finger on. More...

Extraterrestrial Orientation Prior to 2012 by Theresa J. Thurmond Morris.
Extraterrestrial beings also known as extraterrestrial biological entities are considered sentient intelligent beings that are not of this world. In other words, they are from another galaxy in stellar space. Some secrets of this world are not necessary anymore. What a terrific time to be alive on planet earth as a humanoid sentient intelligent being. More...

A walk on the wild side: Sixto Paz Wells - UFO Contactee by Joanne Summerscales.
As per instructions received by Sixto Paz Wells, through automatic writing, he and a group of friends travel out to an isolated area of the Chilca desert, south of Lima, in Peru, to keep an appointment of a very different kind. It is 9 pm on a February night, 1974. More...

The Occult Mystery Diary - Is it the Journal of Papus Himself? by Mary Alice Bennett.
The author of "The Tarot of the Bohemians" popularized the Hermetic sciences in the late 19th century. He wrote his books under the pseudonym of "Papus" and was a well known medical doctor who diagnosed his patients as a clairvoyant. His fame reached Russia where he was the spiritual advisor to the Tsar and Tsarina. More...

Encounters between Christians and Magicians: Choose Life not Death by Stephen Yulish PhD .
Nearly 2000 years ago the physician Apostle Luke wrote of the missionary travels of Saul and Barnabas. In one interesting passage he wrote: "And when they had gone through the whole island as far as Papha, they found a certain magician, a Jewish false prophet whose name was Bar-Jesus who was with the proconsul Sergius Paulus a man of intelligence. More...

the First Season

David Vincent (Roy Thinnes) knows that The Invaders, alien beings from a dying planet, have arrived to take over the Earth! To make matters worse, the aliens know who he is, and most of the time where he is. Somehow he must convince a disbelieving world that the nightmare has already begun.

The Allies of Humanity
by Marshall Vian Summers

Humanity now stands at the threshold of space. Craft of unknown origin have been sighted flying unimpeded in our skies with ever greater frequency since the end of World War II. Contact has begun, but it is Contact that is happening behind the scenes. Governments are keeping their secrets while the public remains unaware and unprepared. Read Review

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