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UfoDigest Newsletter July 20, 2006
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Roswell UFO Museum This week Jack the Ripper has been positively identified! Remote viewing is posed to create a new breakthrough. Next, we have an article about UFOs and the Media Blackout and why are scientists looking for ET in the Artic? Solar Obliteration could explain the Mexican UFO invasion and then we examine mysterious omens in the sky. Finally, we examine why we should sack the Exopolitical Temples. Enjoy Dirk.
Jack the Ripper identified
Private handwritten notes by the man who led the hunt for Jack the Ripper naming the chief suspect were given to Scotland Yard’s Black Museum yesterday. Chief Inspector Donald Swanson kept quiet for years but in retirement, frustrated that the murderer had escaped justice, could not resist scribbling notes in the margin of his boss’s memoirs, naming the man that they both believed had become the world’s most famous serial killer. Find out more. See photo above.

UFOs and the Media Blackout
For over 60 years, the majority of major media venues have been indifferent towards any claims or reports of UFO sightings. Despite the fact that the subject seems to be growing in popularity, many serious news outlets continue to poorly cover-and in some cases even ignore-what is steadily becoming a subculture of sorts. Read more.

E.T.'s Arctic Cousins?
While conventional wisdom frowns upon getting too close to yellow snow, to a geologist such a feature can look like a pot of gold. On June 21, a... Story and Video.

Remote viewing paths could lead to breakthrough event
“Remote viewing” could soon lead to something greater than simply using our natural “sixth sense” to gather information and intelligence as well as improving our understanding of our surroundings. Story continues.

Solar Obliteration
August, 1991. Mexico City. It was to be a hugely celebrated event. Astronomers had forecast a total eclipse of the midday sun. Across the city... Saga continues.

Heavenly omens carry inexplicable messages
Historical chronicles dating back to the ancient civilizations of Greece, Egypt, and Roman Empire contain references to strange signs appearing in the sky. Those signs were either hanging motionlessly... Read more.

Sacking of the Exopolitical Temples
All through history we have seen the rise and fall of powerful ruling families along with the priest class with which they were affiliated. Read more.

Amazing Mysteries: ARK OF THE COVENANT
According to the Bible, the fabled Ark of the Covenant was an ancient wooden chest covered with beaten gold and was said to be the centerpiece of ancient Jewish religious life. It was a source of great power... Only $5.95.

Black Magick WomanBlack Magick Woman Egyptian princess uses sorcery to seduce an Israelite king -- the original moral of the story had been lost under centuries of Christian interpretation. Click here. or click on book cover to purchase.

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