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UFODigest Newsletter July 31, 2008
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Was the Secret Service Overruled in the Release of FAA Radar Data on the Stephenville UFO?
This week Michael E. Salla, Ph.D. writes about the Stephenville UFO and the Crawford ranch. Next, we have more on Dr. Mitchell beginning with an artcle by Don Allis on UFO disclosure. Then Theresa J. Thurmond Morris discusses Mitchell and the UFO phenomena. Next, we learn from Giuliano Marinkovic that Wernher von Braun briefed Mitchell on Roswell! Ed Komarek discusses neegotiating with ETs. UFOlogist Art Champoux writes and UFOs and MIBs in America. Vince White opins on DRONES and false flags! Steve Bass submits an article on UFOs and black budgets. Finally, Marie D. Jones writes about what comes after 2012. Enjoy Dirk.
Was the Secret Service Overruled in the Release of FAA Radar Data on the Stephenville UFO? by Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.
I have learned that a UFO researcher, BJ Booth, had posted an article on his website with evidence for his theory that the UFO sighted in Stephenville Texas, was headed towards the Crawford Ranch on January 8, 2008. He claims that he was subsequently contacted by a government agency and told to take down the offending article within a few hours of its original posting since it might cause public panic. According to an individual who was subsequently contacted by Booth sometime in January/February, the agency was the Secret Service.More...

Dr. Edgar Mitchell steps into the Disclosure Circle by Don Allis .
While Dr. Mitchell has alluded to the topics of UFOs and aliens in the past, he has never actually claimed to have any direct knowledge to contact of aliens by our governments. However now in an earth shaking radio interview Dr. Mitchell, now 77 years old, came forward for the first time with astonishing news of our government's cover-up and knowledge of such contact. More...

Global Order Denomination (GOD) on ET UFO Phenomena Global Cooperation by Theresa J. Thurmond Morris.
Global Order Denomination or the abbreviation of this being GOD can be recognized in the Extraterrestrial Unidentified Flying Object Phenomena or as Dr. Edgar Mitchell, former USA Astronaut for NASA put it “The UFO Phenomena“. More...

Wernher von Braun: Another of Edgar Mitchell's Sources for the Reality of UFOs by Giuliano Marinkovic.
I was able to recall from my memory of another interview where Mitchell talked more about his sources that shared with him the arguments for the reality of UFO phenomena. As I have a big collection of Mitchell's interviews from the last 10 years, where UFOs are also mentioned, I was able to re-check those references in my archive. More...

Negotiating With Extraterrestrials by Ed Komarek
I would like to initiate an open discussion as to how open negotiations between earth society and benevolent extraterrestrial races might proceed post-disclosure. What I hope will happen is that others may become involved who have some knowledge of this either in the public or classified world and together we can wrap our collective minds around this issue. I would not be surprised if negotiations might include both sanctions and incentives similar to how we handle things on earth so as to induce earth society to cooperate with universe society and not threaten the peace and security of the rest of the cosmic neighborhood. More...

Extraterrestrials in America's History by Art Champoux.
Not many people know this but the history of this country is filled with the enigmatic MIBs and the aliens that have been on this planet for many years and they have steered this country in the direction we are going. More...

“L’Affaire Drone” - Exploring “The Drone Hoax - A CGI False Flag by Vince White.
The CGI wizards, the loud proud mavens of manipulation, have a dilemma on their hands. They have in most forums and blog bragging venues, leaped enthusiastically to brag about their power to create pseudo reality. They have labeled those who think the drone saga is more than the mere result of highly skilled creative artistry as gullible fools. These “bit map magicians” are claiming “l’affaire drone” is a conspiracy that would make the X-Files jealous. More...

Considering the Necessity of American Black Budget Projects by Steve Bass.
Quite a bit about the UFO and abduction phenomena puzzle me. For me, sometimes writing can bring out possibilities that otherwise stay hidden in the deepest part of the subconscious. It helps me think in a straight line, instead of jumping around from thought to thought and not building a complete picture. More...

2012: THE END GAME BEGINS by Marie D. Jones.
The world is abuzz with talk of the year 2012; however, not everyone is looking forward to the year with the same outlook or expectations. For some, the year hints at apocalyptic end times; a period in which the world will be thrown into utter chaos and violent upheaval. More..

the First Season

David Vincent (Roy Thinnes) knows that The Invaders, alien beings from a dying planet, have arrived to take over the Earth! To make matters worse, the aliens know who he is, and most of the time where he is. Somehow he must convince a disbelieving world that the nightmare has already begun.

The Allies of Humanity
by Marshall Vian Summers

Humanity now stands at the threshold of space. Craft of unknown origin have been sighted flying unimpeded in our skies with ever greater frequency since the end of World War II. Contact has begun, but it is Contact that is happening behind the scenes. Governments are keeping their secrets while the public remains unaware and unprepared. Read Review

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