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UfoDigest Newsletter August 3, 2006
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Roswell UFO Museum This week we explore the little known Battle of L.A.. Then, is there a quarantee preventing us from alien contact. Have you been approached by a black eyed teen? The Cherokee have tales of 'little people' that may help us understand our world. Have we received the final message from Serpo? We have the latest UFO sightings in Europe. And finally we have a special article about JFK: The Assassination of America. Enjoy Dirk.
The Untold Story of The Battle of Los Angeles
In the early morning hours of February 25, 1942, the sleep of two million Americans, in the vicinity of Los Angles, California, was interrupted by the sound of air raid sirens and anti aircraft fire. Groggy residents awakened by the high pitched warnings and the almost ceaseless firings of artillery were rewarded with a light show that made the night into day. Find out more. See photo above.

The Quarantine
A great many ideas are floating around regarding the simple question of why, after so many years of research, evidence, and sightings, do we still not have an "indisputable proof" as to the existence, let alone presence on Earth, of any extra-terrestrial entities. Read more.

Black Eyed Kids
The internet has made it so that it is much easier to stay up to date with paranormal events. Sadly, it has also made it easier for people to spread many false claims and hoaxes. Story and Video.

Cherokee tales of 'little people' give clues about our world
Some modern physics research includes examination of interesting ideas such as unseen dimensions within our universe separated by subtle and discreet boundaries sometimes referred to as “branes.” Story continues.

Final Serpo Message?
The Serpo website has been overwhelmed with thousands of messages - many of which were personal, contained details of fascinating experiences, intelligent observations, excellent questions, or even privileged information. Saga continues.

Ufos Over Poland
Recently the attention of many people in Poland was drawn by crop circles that began appearing since the first days of July 2006. But it doesn't mean that anything else occurred. Read more.

World-renowned scholar, investigator and philosopher, Paris Flammonde, author of "The Age of Flying Saucers," "UFO Exist" and "The Kennedy Assassination" has recently completed a major work, "The Assassination of America," a rebuttal to the whitewash of the murder of JFK by the Warren Commission Report. Read more.

Varghina Case on DVD
Well-known UFO researcher, doctor and pioneer investigator of "alien implant" cases, Dr. Roger Leir plunges into a now famous--and of course controversial--crashed UFO case originating in Varghina... Only $18.00.

Majic Eyes OnlyMajic Eyes Only The idea that major governments have covered up the true nature of the UFO phenomenon for more than half a century through unprecedented secrecy, deception and intimidation strikes many reasonable citizens as preposterous. Click here..

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