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Saturday 6th August 2005
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This week we are featuring a story about crop circles and what scientists believe causes them. Next we have another story about the Deep Impact comet and how some scientists predicted the results. Then we have a story about the reality of time-travel and finally how a military exercises sparked a UFO sighting. Bonus story is about what Seth Shostak calls extremophiles. Enjoy!
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Russian Researchers Claim to Have Solved Mystery of Crop Circles

Russian Researchers Claim to Have Solved Mystery of Crop Circles A group of researchers in Russia claim they have solved the mystery of crop circles, the Komsomolskaya Pravda daily reports. According to them, plants bend as a result of microwave emissions caused by lightning strikes. The newspaper described an experiment conducted by researcher Stanislav Smirnov who placed several stalks of cereals in a microwave oven with a glass of water. Read more.

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They Sing the Comet Electric

They Sing the Comet Electric

Dissident scientists advocating a controversial theory of the universe are having a field day in the wake of NASA's Deep Impact comet collision earlier this month. Scientists promoting the Electric Universe model say their predictions for the comet mission appear to have been more accurate than NASA's. The Electric Universe theorists, collected at Thunderbolts.info, believe that electricity, when factored properly into astrophysics, plays a greater role in the cosmos than the standard gravitational model, which says electrical forces are insignificant on a cosmic scale. Read more.

Physicist won't backpedal; says time travel possible

Physicist won't backpedal; says time travel possibleWhat do you get when you join a 1981 DeLorean, a "flux capacitor" and a digital dial set to Nov. 5, 1955? If you're the character of Dr. Emmett Brown in the 1985 movie "Back to the Future," you've created a time machine. The possibility of time travel has occupied the fantasies of philosophers, authors, children and directors. But to some physicists, it's more than pure fancy. In the July issue of Physical Review Letters, Amos Ori, professor of physics at the Technion, the Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, argues that the laws of physics don't stand in the way of building a time machine. Find out more.

Military exercises spark UFOs

Military exercises spark UFOs

The Northern Territory News understands a group of people who live at Ali Curung, an Aboriginal community not far from well-known UFO haunt Wycliffe Well, had seen the strange phenomenon from their front porch at about 4am on Saturday. Several of the group watched as a huge orange ball hovered for an estimated 20 minutes before being chased by what appeared to be four fighter aircraft. Wycliffe Well owner Lou Farkas said some mentioned their UFO experience the next day when they came in for coffee. Story continues.

Bonus Story for Newsletter Readers
Extremophiles: Not So Extreme?

Extremophiles: Not So Extreme?

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