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UFODigest Newsletter July 30, 2009
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There was this haunted house on the outskirts of the town which was avoided by all the townfolk - the ghost which `lived' there was feared by all. More.
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They Are Among Us

This week new contributor, Michael Rubens, reports on alarming changes in alien abductions. Next, Chris Holly offers thoughts
and ideas on how to survive alien abductions. Then, Vince Soodin from The Scottish Sun reports on UFOs invading BBC breakfast television. New contribuor Martin Beattie investigates UFOs and the YouTube generation. Ed Komarek writes about trust busting with extraterrestrials. Steve Bass writes about changes for the future of UFOlogy and then Stephane Wuttunee connects the Great Pyramid and the Holy Bible. Finally, Dennis G. Balthaser, in his monthly column, researchs the other 1947 Roswell newspaper! Enjoy Dirk.

They Are Among Us by Michael Rubens. There have been alarming changes in accounts of alien abduction over the last ten years. Disturbingly the reports of these changes do not come from the new age camp or from the sci-fi oriented Trekkie/Matrix brigade. They are reported by two of the most respected authorities in the field, Professor David Jacobs and Budd Hopkins. These serious researchers into the alien phenomenon have found themselves confronted with reports from abductees that alien/human hybrids are now among us and are preparing for a seamless integration into human society. More...

Abductee's Thoughts and Ideas on How to Survive Abductions by Chris Holly. I interviewed a friends relative years ago who had been suffering since the age of 9 from lost time abduction events. His life was awful as he tried to deal with these on going events that would over take him and leave him hurt and terrified. Few believed him and no one knew how to help him. Those who did believe him seemed so terrified of being around him that he was quickly becoming a loner living a hermit style life in a small upstate New York town. When I interviewed him about 8 years ago he was distraught and unhappy. He was living in that small town alone and miserable. He did not have a wife or a family, as he did not want to bring his torment into anyone else’s life. More...

UFO invades BBC breakfast by Vince Soodin. A UFO mystery has been sparked after a flashing light was spotted on BBC breakfast television. Viewers watched in amazement as the white probe-like object appeared on the Look North morning show. It was described as "intriguing" and a "genuine mystery" by UFO expert Nick Pope. More...

UFOs and The YouTube Generation by Martin Beattie. I used to look through old UFO books when I was a kid in the 1980s and be amazed at the pictures of strange glowing disc shaped objects hovering over various parts of the world. It gave me a sense inside that I was watching an American 1950's B-Movie. However, I also believed in most cases what I was looking at was a very strange, but real object that I didn't really understand. I was aware of double exposures and basic photo editing techniques that could be used to alter a photo, but some of them just looked too good to be fakes. More...

Trust Busting the Alien Resource Corporate Cartel by Ed Komarek. As time passes it becomes clearer and clearer to some members of the UFO/ET community in general and exopolitics in particular that the greatest obstacle to disclosure is what I have called the Alien Resource Corporate Cartel. The main intent of this Corporate Cartel run by an international board of directors is to maintain its monopoly on the alien resource trade regardless of the damage it is does to the public interest. More...

Change For The Future Of Ufology by Steve Bass. I have always been the type that, once a subject has my interest, I go to extremes to learn all I can. As the years went by and I got more and more involved in Ufology, I soon learned that there are a million internet and research sources available to learn the subject, and you never knew which source was quality and which was to be avoided at all costs. More...

The Great Pyramid And The Holy Bible by Stephane Wuttunee . So many references to the Great Pyramid lay dormant within the Bible's pages that it seems surreal that they have managed to stay hidden for so long. And yet they have. In a previous (and short) article entitled Egypt's Great Pyramid: Built to Represent the Human Body, it was outlined how the human body and the Great Pyramid share much in common in terms of esoteric and religious symbolism. Because things will get pretty hectic from here on, reviewing that article first may be a good idea in order to fully understand the concepts presented here. More...

The Other 1947 Roswell Newspaper by Dennis G. Balthaser. When doing any research, and particularly the 1947 Roswell Incident, its always exciting when a new witness comes forward or other information not previously uncovered is found. I suppose that's what keeps some of us "digging" into the events surrounding the incident that happened 62 years ago. Many have given up, or moved on from researching the Roswell Incident, however in my case and for several other researchers, we're not yet convinced that all the information has been brought to the table. More...

Forgotten History Series:
The Yucatan Hall Of Records

About 12,000 years ago the south eastern part of America was struck by a comet which all but erased the region's history. The disaster, according to Edgar Cayce, may be the solution to the disappearance of the island empire of Atlantis.

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'UFO Abduction From Undersea'
By Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo and Lt. Col. Wendelle C. Stevens

The The Truth About 'UFO Abduction From Undersea'

As Timothy Green Beckley quite rightly states in his introduction to "UFO Abduction From Undersea," UFOs have been sighted in the skies since man first began to keep written records of his own existence. Read Review

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