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Friday 19th August 2005
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This week we are hilighting a story concerning the 10th planet. Next we have the true story of Allison Dubois, the inspiration for the televison series "Medium". Then we have another story about how Tsunami clues point to 'Atlantis'. Finally, we have a story about how a special skin will enable robots to 'feel'. Bonus article concerns 'seven pips' that suddenly appeared over Washington. Enjoy!
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‘Tenth planet’ may be bigger than expected

‘Tenth planet’ may be bigger than expected An observational error may have understated the size of the tenth planet – if "planet" is in fact what astronomers finally decide to call it. The upper limit on the size of the object, temporarily called 2003 UB313, was earlier set at 3000 kilometres following the Spitzer Space Telescope's failure to spot any infrared source at its location. But as its discoverer Mike Brown notes on his website, the telescope was actually pointed at the wrong place, so the object could actually be bigger than that. Read more.

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Allison Dubois: I can see dead people

Allison Dubois: I can see dead people

It’s difficult to imagine holding a conversation with a dead person at the age of 11. But that was the reality for famous American psychic Allison Dubios. The notion of people with psychic powers has always been of interest to many of us, so when we learned that an author, a woman who has had a US television series based on her life, was visiting Australia, the ABC jumped at the opportunity to speak with her. Read more.

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Tsunami clue to 'Atlantis' found

Tsunami clue to 'Atlantis' foundSpartel Island now lies 60m under the sea in the Straits of Gibraltar, but some think it once lay above water. The finding adds weight to a hypothesis that the island could have inspired the legend recounted by the philosopher Plato more than 2,000 years ago. Evidence comes from a seafloor survey published in the journal Geology. Find out more.

Thin skin will help robots 'feel'

Thin skin will help robots 'feel'

The team manufactured a type of "skin" capable of sensing pressure and another capable of sensing temperature. These are supple enough to wrap around robot fingers and relatively cheap to make, the researchers have claimed. The University of Tokyo team describe their work in the latest issue of the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Story continues.

Bonus Story for Newsletter Readers
When the USAF Was in the UFO Business

When the USAF Was in the UFO Business

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