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UfoDigest Newsletter August 23, 2007
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FTD is not a Florist!

This week we welcome another new contributor Capt. Robert M. Collins who reminds us that FTD is not (only) a florist. Then, Luca Scantamburlo shares his recent discoveries concerning Apollo 20! Cristian Negureanu contribues an article with art to demonstrate the spaceships of the Messiah. Next, Stephen Yulish takes aim at Patrick's Cooke's The Bible and the Paranormal. Steve Hammons reports on the cancellation of 'John from Cincinnati' and we have two UFO reports and photos from Split, Croatia and Mt. Washington, New Hampshire. Enjoy Dirk. For more new articles click here.
FTD is not a Florist!
How did it all get started? After some 20 + years for my contributing writer Rick Doty, and 18 years for me, we still ask that question considering all the turmoil associated with the subject. As we all know in life, you can 'run into' a subject. Well, one might say I ran into the subject of UFOs while working as an FTD Analyst in the areas of Theoretical & Applied Physics at the Foreign Technology Division (FTD), Wright-Patterson AFB, OH in the summer of 1985. Ever since the end of the Cold War, FTD had undergone several name changes with the latest being the National Air & Space Intelligence Center or NASIC.. Read Article

The Apollo 20 Case: Debunking or a Trojan Horse for the Truth?
Beginning in May 2007, I had many private contacts with a presumed William Rutledge (YouTube username, 'retiredafb') who claims to have been a volunteer for MOL Gemini project (he was not chosen, according to what he wrote me) and a former civilian test pilot on various aircrafts. Up to now my last contact with him, having always taken place by the YouTube General/Messages, was on July 20, 2007, at 01:39 pm: a message of just three lines. Read Article

Messiah - His Spaceships
The Catholic Church is more opened today to the UFO phenomena and the extraterrestrial life only because it is very much aware that the Planet of Gods is heading towards our solar system. I will highlight a few examples, additional information being presented in the book " UFOs - The Vatican Files " written by professor of religion, Alfredo Lissoni. Read Article

Patrick Cooke's The Bible and the Paranormal: What he failed to tell you
Patrick Cooke was absolutely correct that the Bible is full of examples of various types of paranormal phenomena. It is also full of incest, murder, rape and homosexuality. Just because a person has the potential to do these things doesn't't mean that they should. Read Article

'John from Cincinnati' story raises many questions about media, interesting developments, 'dumbing down' of Americans
The decision to cancel the HBO series “John from Cincinnati” after one ten-episode season seems to raise a few questions worth kicking around. Were fans of the HBO shows “The Sopranos” and “Deadwood” so disappointed those programs ended that they took it out on “John?” Looks like that was part of it. Read Article

Mt. Washington UFO
"This is a photo of a UFO I took at Mt. Washington in June while standing in the parking lot of the visitor's center where the auto road to the top of the mountain begins. I was taking pictures of the mountains when I noticed this object flying around erratically and I attempted to get a couple of shots of it." Read Article

UFO over Split
I came home at 20:12 and I looked in that direction from my window. Then one big black disc shaped object showed up over mountain moving very fast. I thought it was a plane, but planes don't fly low and fast like that and they don't ever come from that direction. Read Article

Lost Realms - Z. Sitchin
Zecharia Sitchin is the author of THE EARTH CHRONICLES series of books. Now you can join this amazing scholar of ancient languages as he makes a scientific and scholarly argument for ancient E.T. visits to our Earth.
Only $9.95!

Captured! - the Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience: The True Story of the World's First Documented Alien Abduction. "With the publication of this book, the skeptics' 'wiggle room' has shrunk to zero. No longer can they get away with ignoring or minimizing the importance of various details in order to claim they merely saw a light. Instead, the Hills' story still stands as a strong reminder that we can't explain everything that happens." Dr. Bruce Maccabee Click here.

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